East Suffolk CIL Charging Schedule

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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), set by East Suffolk Council, that are charged on most types of new development in the area for which it is the Charging Authority. The Council is the Charging Authority for the entire council area, excluding the area covered by the Broads Authority. The money raised from the charge will be used to pay for infrastructure to support development within the Council area.

In setting its CIL rates in accordance with Regulation 14(1) of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (as amended), East Suffolk Council has struck an appropriate balance between:

  • the desirability of funding from CIL (in whole or part) the estimated total cost of infrastructure required to support the development of the council area, taking into account other actual and expected sources of funding; and
  • the potential effects (taken as a whole) of the imposition of CIL on the economic viability of development across the Council area.

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The Document Library includes all supporting evidence and documentation relating to the Charging Schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: The original version of the Aspinall Verdi Viability Report did not have page numbering for the appendicies. The version found via the link below has had page numbers added to the appendicies for ease of use. No other additions or amendments have been made.


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