East Suffolk CIL Charging Schedule Preparation

1 Summary

1.1 The Council plans to undertake a formal consultation on the draft CIL Charging Schedule (including the evidence base) in summer 2021. Before that stage, however, the Council has decided to undertake a consultation on the key baseline values and assumptions and the typologies proposed to be used in the Viability Report.

1.2 As a largely technical consultation, it is aimed primarily at developers, landowners, surveyors, agents, Suffolk County Council, neighbouring local authorities and key infrastructure providers (such as health bodies and Suffolk Police) but anyone is welcome to respond. Respondents can choose to answer some or all of the questions, but the Council would (where appropriate) prefer answers to be supported by evidence. Confidential information and evidence provided by respondents cannot be taken into account – all information provided will be summarised and will later be made available publicly.

1.3 The Council is preparing a new Instalments Policy and is also consulting on this now.

1.4 The consultation will run from Monday 12th March to 5pm on Monday 26th April 2021. All the consultation material can be found on the Council’s website https://eastsuffolk.inconsult.uk/CILCS21/consultationHome.