Shadingfield, Sotterley, Willingham & Ellough Neighbourhood Plan

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Shadingfield, Sotterley, Willingham & Ellough Parish Council have submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to East Suffolk Council ahead of it being submitted for independent examination
. East Suffolk Council is required to publicise the Plan and invite representations, which will be forwarded to the examiner for consideration alongside the plan.

Subject to the plan successfully completing all the relevant regulatory stages, the policies and proposals contained in the plan will be used in the determination of planning applications within the Shadingfield, Sotterley, Willingham & Ellough Neighbourhood Area. 

This period of representations is in accordance with regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) and Localism Act 2011 and ends at 5pm on 7th September 2022. View the Notice

 What documents have been submitted?

What stage is the Neighbourhood Plan at? 

Stages of Neighbourhood Plan preparation (current stage in Bold)

1  |  Neighbourhood Area designated
2  |  Neighbourhood Plan developed
3  |  Pre-Submission consultation
4  |  Plan submitted to East Suffolk Council
5  |  East Suffolk Council publicises Plan for eight weeks
6  |  Independent Examiner reviews Plan
7  |  Modify Plan
8  |  Local Referendum
9  |  Plan is 'made'


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    13 Jul 2022 at 09:00
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    7 Sep 2022 at 17:00
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    14 Sep 2022