Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Examination

Hearings Sessions

Last update: 12 August 2019

Hearings form part of the Examination and are an opportunity for the Inspector to clarify and/or seek additional information on any issues relating to the 'soundness' of the Local Plan.

Hearing sessions will take place between:

Tuesday 20 August to Thursday 22 August (Week 1)
Tuesday 3 September to Friday 6 September (Week 2)
Thursday 12 September to Friday 13 September (Week 3)
Tuesday 17 September, Wednesday 18 September & Friday 20 September (Week 4)

Hearing sessions will take place at East Suffolk House, Station Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1RT | Getting to East Suffolk House

Only those who have made representations seeking to change the plan have a right to appear before, and be heard by, the Inspector. If you have a right to be heard, and you wish to exercise that right, you should contact the Programme Officer ( by 5:00pm on Monday 8 July 2019 indicating the appropriate Matter and the session you wish to attend (see the draft Programme). You need to do this regardless of what you may have indicated on the representation form. Please note that if you do not contact the Programme Officer by Monday 8 July it will be assumed that you do not wish to appear and be heard and you will not be listed as a participant. You should only request to be heard at a hearing session if you have made a relevant representation seeking a change to the plan. However, the hearing sessions are open for anyone to observe.

You may also wish to view the Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions and reply to these by 4pm on Friday 2 August.

Draft Hearings Programme

The hearings programme gives details, including dates and locations, of hearings blocks for the examination. You are advised to regularly check for updates if you have an interest in any potential future hearings. View the guidance note.

Hearing agendas can be downloaded via the links below:

Hearing Day 7: Tuesday 17 September

Inspector's Consultation

Following the hearing sessions, the Inspector undertook consultation with participants on certain matters, between 8th October and 1st November 2019.

The following responses submitted can be viewed below:

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