North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone

1.0 Introduction

The area of Lowestoft covered by this Guide was originally the main medieval settlement, grown around a thriving fishing industry, including merchants' houses and commercial premises on the cliff top, and workers cottages and net stores below. The North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) will run until the end of March 2023. For more details refer to:

The North Lowestoft HAZ focuses on the medieval High Street, 11 Scores (steep narrow paths in the cliff), historic smokehouses and net stores, and once fine Victorian parks of north Lowestoft. It will provide support, training, advice and grant funding to bring buildings back into use as housing or retail spaces. Research and a programme of community activities will make sure that the heritage of the area becomes better-known and valued.

The production of a Design Guide for the North Lowestoft HAZ is to ensure new development conserves and enhances the character of the area and maximises its contribution to the heritage led regeneration of the area.

The Design Guide will be adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document in line with the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) Regulations 2012.

As a result, the Design Guide will help determine planning applications for new developments within the North Lowestoft HAZ alongside the Local Plan, emerging Neighbourhood Plan and national planning policy.

The Design Guide will ensure a coherent North Lowestoft HAZ wide strategy which meets the requirements of all stakeholders, while maintaining sufficient flexibility to adapt to any emerging future requirements. It will allow stakeholders to understand the impact of the proposals and have the necessary confidence that the form and content of the proposed development is acceptable and that high quality buildings and public realm will be delivered through any future Reserved Matters Applications.

The purpose of this guide is also to help facilitate the delivery of high quality design for the North Lowestoft HAZ area, without unnecessary prescription or detail, particularly relating to the design of individual buildings. It will therefore focus on strategic rules in relation to layout, scale, appearance, landscaping and access.