Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

SOU1 - Fountain Way Industrial Estate, Reydon

Allocation: Industrial 


6.18 Site SOU1 is located on flat land in the southwest corner of Fountain Way Industrial Estate. The industrial estate encloses this site to the north and east, while Cox's Lane and the village of Reydon border it to the south. As a result, the site is enclosed in the landscape, but with a clear view towards the recreation ground to the west. The site is covered by long grass, with a hedgerow and trees separating it from Cox's Lane. Access can be gained off Fountain Way.

Proposed Development
6.19 This site has been carried forward as an allocation from the Waveney Adopted (November 1996) and Interim (May 2004) Local Plans, as recommended in the Employment Land Study (2006). It will assist in meeting future need for B1 (business and light industrial), B2 (general industry) and B8 (storage and distribution) in the Southwold and Reydon area. The site is surrounded by the existing industrial estate which, reduces its impact on the landscape.
SOU1 Image 1.jpg

6.20 Given its location in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, existing natural features should be protected and adequate landscaping should be provided to reduce the visual impact of any development. Being in proximity to residential properties in Cox's Lane, care will be needed in the type and siting of uses close to the southern boundary of the site. Suffolk Wildlife Trust have surveyed this site and noted several species of birds including Biodiversity Action Plan Species such as house sparrow, dunnock and skylark. There were also whitethroat and swallow, both amber listed birds of conservation concern. Although a reptile survey was not carried out, Suffolk Wildlife Trust have advised that reptiles may be present on this site or in the surrounding area.

6.21 The County Archaeologist has not surveyed this site, but there may be moderate potential for archaeological finds due to the size of this site and finds on adjacent sites. An archaeological condition should therefore be attached to any future planning permission.

6.22 To encourage future employees on this site to travel to work in a sustainable way, future developers should contribute towards the provision of adequate cycle and pedestrian links to Reydon and Mights Bridge.

6.23 This site is classified as being within Source Protection Zone 1 of the Environment Agency's groundwater protection policy. The site is also situated upon a principal aquifer of crag geology and has a high vulnerability rating. Therefore, to prevent the pollution of groundwater, any development must be carefully planned and managed.

6.24 Pre-application consultation with the Environment Agency is strongly advised as some restrictions will apply to development of this site. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
- only clean water from roofs may be discharged to ground provided all down-pipes are sealed against pollutants entering the system from surface run-off, effluent disposal or other forms of discharge;
- all trade effluent or significantly contaminated discharges must be discharged to the foul sewer and adequate pollution control measures be in place to prevent accidental contamination;
- there must be no underground storage of hazardous substances;
- the development of the site for use as vehicle dismantlers and metal recyclers (scrap yards), incinerators, transfer stations and waste treatment facilities is not appropriate.

Policy SOU1

Land at Fountain Way Industrial Estate, Reydon, (0.7ha), is allocated for industrial use. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• The site should contribute towards the provision of a mix of B1 (business and light industrial), B2 (general industry) and B8 (storage and distribution) uses.
• The layout of the site should minimise the impact on nearby residents.
• Landscaping should be provided to minimise the visual impact of new development on the AONB.
• Existing hedges and trees surrounding this site should be protected in the interests of biodiversity, to minimise the visual impact of new development and protect the amenity of nearby residents.
• This site should be cleared by hand to minimise the risk of damage to reptiles living here.
• An archaeological condition should be attached to any future planning permission.
• A contribution should be made to the provision of adequate pedestrian and cycle links from the surrounding built up area.
• Adequate pollution control measures must be implemented to protect groundwater.

6.25 SOU1 will be delivered by the landowner, developers and future employers who locate to this site. It is anticipated that this site will be delivered throughout the plan period.