Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

SOU3 - Land at Wangford Road, Reydon

Allocation: Sports pitches


6.39 Site SOU3 is situated on the edge of Reydon village, in the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The site covers 2.78 hectares to the west and south of the existing playing fields at the former Reydon High School Site. The playing fields are currently mown grass, but the site itself is currently part of a large, flat open field that borders the playing fields to the west and south. The residential conversion and redevelopment of the Reydon High School occupies the land to the north east of this site and very sheltered accommodation for the elderly overlooks the playing fields.

6.40 Mature hedges with trees border the site to the east and along the northern boundary where it abuts the existing playing fields. Another mature hedge to the west of the site runs parallel in a north south direction and also follows the route of a footpath. Access to the site is off Wangford Road, the B1126, via the former Reydon High School site.

Proposed Development
6.41 Provision of additional playing fields in this location will assist in meeting the improved sports provision, particularly for football, needed at the former Reydon High School site. The allocation will provide additional space for the playing fields. Any additional buildings required should be sited within the boundary of the existing playing field site and ideally adjacent to existing buildings close to the access and car parking.

6.42 The Landscape Character Assessment (2008) characterises this site as Blyth and Wang Tributary Valley Farmland, which is gently undulating agricultural land interspersed with hedgerows. This landscape is described as very tranquil. Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Unit attaches considerable importance to the visual impact of this development on the surrounding landscape. The Unit support playing field development on this site provided that existing mature trees, hedges and shrubs are retained as part of the playing fields and protected while construction work is underway. Borders to the extension of the playing fields should be marked by fences, with hedges just behind so as to reduce the impact of the fences on the landscape. The boundaries of the site have been aligned to blend in with the existing field pattern and to be as unobtrusive as possible. Measures should also be undertaken to restrict the use and impact of floodlighting on local residents and the surrounding countryside.

6.43 The Highway Authority requires a transport assessment to ensure that access and traffic generation to this site is adequately assessed and mitigated as necessary. Provision for cyclists and pedestrians should be made along the Wangford Road corridor to Mights Bridge.

6.44 The County Archaeologist requires that an archaeological condition is attached to any planning permission on this site because of its moderate potential to contain archaeology.

Policy SOU3

Land at Wangford Road, Reydon, (2.78ha), is allocated for playing fields. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• Existing trees, hedges and shrubs shall be retained. Borders of the new site will be marked by hedgerows, which will reduce the impact of any fences on the landscape. Fences will sit on the boundary, with the hedges just behind to avoid disputes about future maintenance. The design of the site borders will blend in with the existing field network.
• The location and design of any buildings associated with the playing fields (for example a pavilion, toilets and changing rooms) shall be located within the boundary of the existing site and positioned to minimise impact on the landscape and nearby residents. This includes the use and design of floodlighting.
• A Transport Assessment is required.
• Provision for cyclists and pedestrians should be made along the Wangford Road corridor to Mights Bridge.
• An archaeological condition should be attached to any planning permission.

6.45 Allocation SOU3 will be delivered by Reydon and Southwold Recreational Development Council. Funding for the playing fields will be provided by a contribution from housing development at Site SOU2. The Reydon Trust is also expected to make a financial contribution. It is anticipated that development will be brought forward in the short term, as soon as development is permitted at site SOU2.