Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011


Appendix 1 - Delivery Framework

Central to the plan making system is the issue of deliverability. In order to be effective Development Plan Documents must be deliverable. The deliverability of the sites allocated in this document have been thoroughly tested and there is a strong prospect all sites will be delivered in a timely fashion. A key aim of the Site Specific Allocations DPD is to deliver the objectives of the Core Strategy, therefore the sites allocated need to be in conformity with Core Strategy and contribute towards its aims. The following monitoring section of this document outlines how the performance of the site allocations in achieving Core Strategy aims will be monitored.

The delivery of all the Site Specific Allocations is not solely the responsibility of the Council. A number of third parties including, developers, service providers and other tiers of local government will be responsible for delivering the allocations on the ground. As such there are inherent risks to delivery. The following table highlights the responsible parties for the delivery of each allocation together with risks to delivery and proposed mitigation and contingency measures.

The Core Strategy seeks to improve the balance between the provision of housing and jobs. The number of dwellings allocated in this DPD is relatively low and the sites are generally small. The sites are also distributed across the District, as are the employment land allocations and subject to specific dependencies, both will be delivered throughout the plan period. Therefore, it has not been considered necessary to impose any additional controls over the phasing or timing of delivery of any of the sites, to ensure a balance is achieved. However, the situation will be monitored and reviewed, as necessary.

Table 2 - Delivery Framework

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