Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

LOW1 - Land south of Parkhill / west of Millennium Way

Allocation: Primary School


2.32 Site LOW1 comprises greenfield land situated in an area of new housing development at Parkhill, Oulton. More new housing is currently under construction to the south. It is a flat, grassy area with bushes, brambles and other vegetation and the occasional small tree. It is bordered by a hedge to the west and garden fences to the north and south. The site is currently separated from the road by a raised earth bank, but Suffolk County Council signs indicate that the public may enter and use the site for recreational purposes at the present time. Access to the site is from Fallowfields, and the road has been constructed to give two points of vehicular access to the land. Fallowfields is a traffic-calmed road, with speed bumps at intervals. The site is easily accessible by foot, cycle or public transport from the surrounding residential streets or dedicated routes along Millennium Way.

Proposed Development
LOW1 Image 1.jpg2.33 This site was allocated for a new primary school in the Waveney Local Plan (1996) and the Waveney Interim Local Plan (2004). Suffolk County Council have requested that the site is carried forward as an allocation. A new primary school in this location would serve the growing population of this residential area and relieve pressure on existing schools. The site is easily accessible by foot, cycle and public transport, and Fallowfields offers a relatively safe, traffic-calmed environment for children entering and leaving the school. However, the surrounding residential streets do not offer many opportunities for parking or accessing the school by car, so opportunities should be taken to maximise the use of sustainable transport, to minimise the impact of traffic on local residents. How this will be achieved should be set down in a Travel Plan.

2.34 The site is greenfield land, but as no sequentially preferable alternative sites exist in the local area, development would accord with Core Strategy policies. There are however biodiversity concerns with the development of this site.

2.35 Suffolk Wildlife Trust have undertaken an ecological survey of the site on behalf of the Council and have identified a number of species of orchid, such as southern marsh and common spotted. They recommend that any development of the site should ensure that a managed semi-natural area is retained and steps taken to ensure its long term management for wildlife. They also recommend that a reptile survey is undertaken.

Policy LOW1

Land south of Parkhill/west of Millennium Way, Oulton, (1.16ha), is allocated for a primary school. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• A Travel Plan should be prepared to encourage journeys to and from school by foot, cycle and public transport and discourage car journeys.
• A reptile survey should be carried out prior to the submission of a planning application.
• Part of the site should be retained and managed as a semi-natural area and a management plan agreed for the long term protection of wildlife.
• A Flood Risk Assessment should be prepared as part of the application process to assess and mitigate the risk of flooding from surface water drainage.

2.36 This proposal will be delivered by Suffolk County Council. The timescale for delivery may depend on the timing for the implementation of the Woods Meadow housing development in Oulton. The latter development of 800 dwellings includes provision for a primary school and both schools may not be required.