Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

LOW10 - Land part Laurel Farm, London Road, Kessingland

Allocation: Playing fields


2.117 This site is a flat, open area of farmland on the northern boundary of Kessingland. The site is bordered by existing playing fields to the east and housing to the west and south, while agricultural land extends to the north. A hedgerow bisects the western half of the site from north to south, though this does not connect to other hedges at the field boundary to the north of the site.

Proposed Development
2.118 Policy CS14: Culture, of the Core Strategy supports the provision of additional playing fields in Kessingland. There are no sites within the village that could accommodate this need, so a greenfield site on the edge of the village has been identified.

2.119 This site has the advantage of being situated adjacent to the existing playing fields which are managed by Kessingland Sports & Social Centre. It can therefore act as an extension to the existing site with shared access and use of built facilities. The site is well related to existing development, which will help minimise the impact of encroachment into the countryside.

2.120 This site is within zone F1: Pakefield to Benacre Coastal Cliffs in the Landscape Character Assessment (2008). The recommendation for this zone was that glimpses of the coast and open gaps between Lowestoft and Kessingland should be preserved, with the primary objective being to conserve and enhance the remote coastal character of the area and its associated biodiversity and geodiversity interest. A playing field use in this location would maintain the open nature of this area and views to the coast, and so will not have a significant impact on the quality and character of the landscape.

2.121 The field patterns and biodiversity of the site should be protected through the retention of the existing hedges.

2.122 Given the surface water flooding issue in Kessingland, the Environment Agency consider it important to ensure that the development of this site would not exacerbate the situation, and, if possible, improve it overall.

2.123 The County Archaeologist has confirmed that the area has not been the subject of systematic archaeological investigation but has moderate archaeological potential due to the size of the site. Playing fields are unlikely to affect any archaeology of the site, unless built development takes place. However, a condition relating to archaeological investigation should be attached to any relevant planning permission.

Policy LOW10

Land part Laurel Farm, London Road, Kessingland, (2.76ha), is allocated for playing fields. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• Hedgerows around and within the site should be retained and enhanced.
• Any drainage works should seek to improve the surface water flooding situation in the village.
• A condition relating to archaeological investigation should be attached to any planning permission.

2.124 The site should be delivered in partnership, through discussions between Waveney District Council, the landowner, the Parish Council and Kessingland Sports and Social Centre. Existing S106 financial contributions from other development in the village will assist in delivering this site in the early part of the plan period.