Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

BEC1 - Land south of Benacre Road at Ellough Airfield, Ellough

Allocation: Industrial


3.24 This site is a former airfield and is partly brownfield land. The site and surrounding landscape is flat, open and dominated by agriculture. The site is located in an area known as Beccles Business Park which has been the focus of employment uses (B1, B2 and B8) in the local area for many years.

3.25 The site is adjacent to existing industrial uses to the north of the site. The central part of the site has been granted planning permission for industrial uses in the past. However, none of these have been implemented and the most recent permission expired in 2008. The main access to the site is off Benacre Road.

Proposed Development
3.26 The site is allocated for industrial use (B1, B2 and B8 uses). To deliver policy CS07: Employment of the Core Strategy, this site can provide industrial uses in an area that is deficient and bring positive economic benefits as identified in the Employment Land Study (2006). The site will provide the opportunity for existing businesses to expand or for new investment into the area, including the clustering of similar types of businesses. In accordance with Core Strategy Policy CS10: Retail, Leisure and Office Development, general office uses (B1a) should first seek a location in the town centre.

3.27 The site relates well to other uses in the Beccles Business Park area. However, future development proposals will need to consider the design and layout of the site to reduce the risk of creating an exposed edge as highlighted in the Landscape Character Assessment (2008).

3.28 The site has access to the main transport networks in the area, the A145 and the A146 via smaller secondary roads. There is a need to improve the existing road network in the vicinity of the site. The future development of the Beccles Southern Relief Road will also act to reduce the traffic impact on the town of Beccles and surrounding area while reducing journey times.

3.29 There will be a need to address the issue of traffic through the undertaking of a Transport Assessment. This will also provide information on how best to deliver the two access points required by the Highway Authority. To increase accessibility to the town and surrounding areas there is a need to improve the cycle network and consideration should be given to public rights of way.

3.30 Anglian Water has confirmed there is available capacity at the sewerage treatment works to meet the demands of further development. Any development will need to connect directly to the foul water sewerage network and Worlingham sewerage treatment works.

3.31 Given the nature of some industrial uses, there can be a risk of chemical pollutants being unintentionally absorbed into the ground and surface water runoff. To mitigate any potential risk to the environment, pollution control measures should be implemented.

3.32 Due to the size of the site, the County Archaeologist requires that a condition relating to archaeological investigation is attached to any planning permission.

Policy BEC1

Land south of Benacre Road at Ellough Airfield, Ellough, (14.01ha), is allocated for industrial use. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• The site should be developed for a mix of B1 (Business, Light Industrial), B2 (General Industrial) and B8 (Storage and Distribution) uses.
• Development should be appropriately landscaped to avoid an exposed edge.
• A Transport Assessment should be carried out.
• The site should have two points of access.
• A financial contribution should be made towards the provision of the Beccles Southern Relief Road.
• A financial contribution should be made towards the provision of a cycle route linking industrial development in Ellough to Beccles.
• Pollution control measures should be implemented wherever possible.
• The surrounding public rights of way should be protected and linkages enhanced as appropriate.
• A survey should be undertaken prior to the submission of any planning application to assess the biodiversity value of the site, and identify any appropriate mitigation measures that may be required.
• A condition relating to archaeological investigation should be attached to any planning permission.
• A Flood Risk Assessment should be prepared as part of the application process to assess and mitigate the risk of flooding from surface water drainage.

3.33 The site will be delivered by a developer(s) and should be developed throughout the plan period.