Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

BEC3 - Land at Cucumber Lane / Oak Lane, Beccles

Allocation: Housing and Allotments


3.42 This is a greenfield site located in the south of Beccles on the edge of the existing built up area. The site is flat grassland with scattered trees and shrubs. The site is roughly triangular in shape and is surrounded on two sides by existing residential development. There is open farmland to the south.

3.43 Located a little more than one mile from the town centre, public bus services in the area provide links with the town centre and surrounding areas. The main vehicular access to the site is via the residential area to the north, with much more limited access available from the rural roads of Cucumber Lane and Oak Lane to the south.

Proposed Development
3.44 There are limited opportunities to allocate brownfield sites for residential development in or on the edge of the built up area. Therefore, the land at Cucumber Lane/Oak Lane in the south of Beccles, has been allocated for housing as the next best available site, despite being classified as greenfield. To meet the needs identified in the Waveney Housing Market Assessment (2007), that identifies Beccles as having higher levels of housing need than the other market towns, BEC3 has been allocated for 100% affordable housing.

BEC3 Image 1.jpg3.45 The surrounding density suggests the site could accommodate 19 dwellings at a density of 30 dwellings per hectare. However, a need for allotments has been identified in the Allotments, Cemeteries and Churchyards Needs Assessment (2007). Site BEC4 has been allocated for allotment use to assist in meeting this need. However, allotments in this location would better serve the community in the local vicinity. Therefore, the site has been allocated for 15 dwellings, with an area of 0.15 ha allocated for allotments.

3.46 Access to the site will be gained from either Cucumber Lane or Oak Lane with street design and layout to be further discussed with the Highway Authority. Road improvements will be required to accommodate any increase in local traffic including widening of the highway.

3.47 Anglian Water has stated the sewerage treatment network in Beccles has sufficient capacity to cater for the development. However, there is a need to improve the foul sewerage network in the area.

3.48 Suffolk Wildlife Trust considers the site to be in a semi-natural state with high potential for the presence of reptiles. Slow worms have been recorded nearby. Therefore a wildlife survey (including a vegetation and reptile survey) will be required prior to any land clearance and prior to the submission of a planning application.

3.49 The County Archaeologist has confirmed the land has not previously been surveyed therefore an archaeological condition should be attached to any planning permission.

Policy BEC3

Land at Cucumber Lane/Oak Lane, Beccles, (0.65ha), is allocated for 15 affordable homes and allotments. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• The site will be developed at a density of 30 dwellings per hectare with a total of approximately 15 affordable homes, subject to viability, with the type and size to be based on the findings of the
Strategic Housing Market Assessment and agreed with the District Council Housing Officer.
• The site will need to be developed with appropriate design and landscaping to limit the impact on the neighbouring residents.
• 0.15ha of land will be provided for allotment use.
• Linkages to the existing pedestrian and cycle network will need to be provided.
• Road improvements will need to be carried out to the satisfaction of 
Suffolk County Council Highways Authority.
• A survey should be undertaken prior to the submission of any planning application, and prior to any vegetation clearance, to assess the biodiversity value of the site and identify any appropriate mitigation measures. This should include a vegetation and reptile survey.
• A condition relating to archaeological investigation will need to be attached to any planning permission.


3.50 Development of residential dwellings is to be brought forward by the developer. The site is expected to be developed in the early stages of the plan period. Further dialogue will be required between Suffolk County Council Highways and Anglian Water with regard to improvements to the local transport network and the foul sewerage network.