Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

BEC4 - Land south of Nicholson Drive, Beccles

Allocation: Allotments



BEC4 Image 1.jpg3.51 The site is on greenfield land, to the south of Nicholson Drive in the south of Beccles. The land is adjacent to the edge of the built up area and outside the built up area of the town. Located to the north and west of the site are residential dwellings. To the east and south the landscape is open grassland with a gentle downward slope. Nicholson Drive stops at the northeast corner of the site which provides the main access to the land.

Proposed Development
3.52 The site is allocated for allotments to help meet the needs of the community and deliver Policy CS14: Culture of the Core Strategy. The Allotments, Cemeteries and Churchyards Needs Assessment (July 2007) identified a deficiency in allotment provision in south Beccles. The study suggested that a 2-acre site of allotments behind Nicholson Drive could serve the south of Beccles and address the current lack of accessibility to allotments in this part of the town.

3.53 The site is accessible by local people arriving on foot or cycle. A small number of parking spaces will be provided on-site, primarily for less-mobile and disabled drivers, to avoid the need to park on Nicholson Drive.

3.54 Suffolk Wildlife Trust considers the site to be in a semi-natural state with high potential for the presence of reptiles. Slow worms have been recorded nearby. Therefore a wildlife survey (including a vegetation and reptile survey) will be required prior to any land clearance and prior to the submission of a planning application.

Policy BEC4

Land south of Nicholson Drive, Beccles, (0.77ha), is allocated for allotments. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• Access to the site and surrounding agricultural land shall be maintained.
• On-site parking should be provided for 3 vehicles, with priority for disabled drivers.
• A survey should be undertaken prior to the submission of any planning application, and prior to any vegetation clearance, to assess the biodiversity value of the site and identify any appropriate mitigation measures. This should include a vegetation and reptile survey.

3.55 This site can be brought forward in the early part of the plan period and will rely on dialogue between the landowner, the Town Council and a community body representing allotment users.