Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

BUN3 - Community Centre, Upper Olland Street, Bungay

Allocation: Housing


4.45 This site is previously developed land, located within the built up area of Bungay and close to the town centre. Situated on Upper Olland Street, the site is currently in use as a community centre, including a children's nursery. The centre comprises two single storey buildings, a car park and a recycling area. The site is in a residential area of Bungay with bungalows to the rear and large detached homes opposite and adjacent.

Proposed Development
BUN3 Image 1.jpg4.46 This site will become available for development when the community centre is relocated to land at Old Grammar Lane (BUN4). The surrounding residential uses and proximity to the town centre make this a suitable site for a small residential development. The density of development in the locality indicates that 8 dwellings can be delivered on this site with 3 being affordable homes. This requirement was established through a site specific viability assessment[1] which took into account known abnormal costs and site specific requirements. The requirement for affordable housing will only be reduced in exceptional circumstances where it can be demonstrated that a lower number of affordable homes are needed to ensure the site remains financially viable when taking into account unforeseen development costs. Family sized accommodation should be provided, reflecting the findings of the Waveney Housing Market Assessment (2007).

4.47 Access to the site is off Upper Olland Street, with potential pedestrian access from the pedestrian walkway adjacent to the north of the site, known as 'The Folly'. The site is located close to local services being walking distance from the town centre, bus stops and local schools.

4.48 The site is in close proximity to the Bungay Conservation Area. Therefore, the potential impact of the design of any future development on the historic environment will be an important consideration.

4.49 This site is within the area of Bungay's post-medieval town and has high archaeological potential therefore, extensive archaeological excavation is likely to be required. The County Archaeologist will require an archaeological condition to be attached to any planning permission.

4.50 Given the shortfall in allotment provision in Bungay, development on this site should also make a financial contribution towards the bringing forward additional allotments in the town.

Policy BUN3

Land at the Community Centre, Upper Olland Street, Bungay, (0.23ha), is allocated for housing (8 dwellings). The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• Development should not take place until a suitable alternative site for relocating the Community Centre is identified and secured.
• Any future development should be of an appropriate design and layout in keeping with the Bungay 
Conservation Area and adjacent single storey dwellings.
• Three affordable dwellings will be included in the development with the mix to be based on the findings of the
Strategic Housing Market Assessment and agreed with the District Council Housing Officer. The affordable housing requirement will only be reduced in exceptional circumstances to ensure the site remains financially viable when taking into account unforeseen development costs.
• A financial contribution should be made towards the provision of allotments in Bungay.
• A condition relating to archaeological investigation should be attached to any planning permission.


4.51 This site will be delivered by a developer. Development of the site is dependent on the relocation of the existing community centre to an alternative site. The site is expected to be developed in the early phases of the plan period.