Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

BUN4 - Land at Old Grammar Lane, Bungay

Allocation: Community Centre / Customer Access Centre / Open Space


4.52 This site is currently a well-maintained area of flat amenity green space with a tree-lined footpath to the north of the site. It is the remaining half of the former grammar school playing field, following development of the northern half of the site for the medical centre. A skate park and youth club lie adjacent to the site, with the fire station to the south. To the east, on the other side of St. John's Road, is an open expanse of semi-natural greenspace, Ollands Plantation.

Proposed Development
4.53 This site is allocated for a community centre, customer access centre and open space. It is less central than the existing community centre on Upper Olland Street (BUN3). However, it is within walking distance of the main residential areas and has good access to public transport and the town centre.

BUN4 Image 1.jpg4.54 This allocation will provide much needed, modern facilities in the town, enhancing opportunities for community involvement, interaction and activity. The replacement community centre is likely to include an indoor leisure area, children's nursery, business start-up units and a customer access centre for improved public and voluntary sector service delivery. As a comprehensive development of the whole site, the opportunity can be taken to improve the quality of the remaining open space and enhance it as a 'play park'. The relocation of the nursery from the existing site and the proposed business units should assist the long term financial viability of the scheme.

4.55 The main issue with the allocation of this site has been the further loss of open space in Bungay. The Open Space Needs Assessment (2006) identifies Bungay as having a shortfall of 0.92ha of amenity open space. However, the importance of the need for a replacement and enhanced community facility has been reinforced through consultation feedback. Feedback indicated that the wider benefits to the town through the proposal, including improved access to indoor and outdoor facilities and the enhancement of the remaining playing field area as a play park, outweigh the actual quantative loss in open space. However, the loss of open space should be minimised by ensuring any built development is only a subsidiary part of the site. In addition, if the open space cannot be enhanced to a satisfactory standard, replacement provision should be provided elsewhere.

4.56 The community building should be located on the west side of the site, to maximise the retention of the open character of this part of Bungay.

4.57 The County Archaeologist has stated that the site is within the area of Bungay's post-medieval town and has high archaeological potential. As such, any development on this site is likely to require extensive archaeological excavation in mitigation, therefore an archaeological condition should be attached to any planning application.

Policy BUN4

Land at Old Grammar Lane, Bungay, (0.65ha), is allocated for a community centre, customer access centre and enhanced open space. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• The open space outside the footprint of the new community building should be enhanced in terms of usage, amenity and range of facilities. If open space cannot be enhanced to a satisfactory standard replacement provision should be provided elsewhere.
• The community centre will be located on the west side of the site closest to Old Grammar Lane.
• The footprint of the buildings should be subsidiary to the main use as open space.
• On-site trees should be retained.
• The footpath along north perimeter of site should be protected.
• A condition relating to archaeological investigation should be attached to any planning permission.

4.58 This site will be brought forward by Waveney District Council and partners in the early part of the plan period.