Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

BUN6 - Land adjacent to Bungay Cemetery, Bungay

Allocation: Cemetery Extension


BUN6 Image 1.jpg4.66 This site is an area of land between the existing cemetery and the main road, St. John's Road. Access to the site will be gained through the existing burial land. Site BUN6 is currently overgrown with trees, dense hedges and shrubbery. The site slopes from south to north and west to east.

Proposed Development
4.67 The provision of burial land will address the limited availability of burial plots in the town. Access to the site will be from the current Bungay Cemetery. There is an overgrown hedge along the edge of the site that will require an access cut through to link the two sites.

4.68 Common lizard and slow worms, both protected species, have been recorded at Bungay Old Cemetery. The Suffolk Wildlife Trust recommend that areas of uncut or semi-natural grass are retained and the present hedges are preserved to maximise the benefits for reptiles. Any clearance of land will require a reptile survey.

Policy BUN6

Land adjacent to Bungay Cemetery, Bungay, (0.33ha), is allocated for burial land. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• A reptile survey should be carried out (to include assessment for common lizard and slow worms), prior to any clearance taking place.
• If protected species are found, further work should be carried out to assess and mitigate against any potential impact. Future management of the site should retain and enhance suitable habitat (such as margins of longer grass for reptiles) to protect and enhance species populations.
• Existing hedgerows will need to be protected.

4.69 The site will be brought forward by Waveney District Council and partners throughout the plan period.