Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

HAL1 - Land west of Broadway Drive, Halesworth

Allocation: Industrial


5.23 Site HAL1 is a small field that sits between the railway line to the west and the Norwich Road Industrial Estate to the east. Hedges surround this site on all sides and it forms a steep slope towards the railway line embankment to the west.

5.24 This site is reasonably close to Halesworth town centre but there are currently no public roads or public rights of way leading directly to site HAL1.

Proposed Development
5.25 This site is allocated for industrial uses (B1, B2 and B8). It will assist in providing a range and choice of sites to meet employment needs in Halesworth. Site HAL1 could serve as the location for a large single business operation, or a number of smaller ones.

5.26 Development on this site will form a natural extension to the existing industrial estate. However, it will also extend development beyond the existing built up area of the town. As such buildings on this site should be of a scale and design that minimises their impact on the countryside and views across from the west. Existing trees and hedges on this site should also be retained for the same reason.

5.27 The Highway Authority states that traffic could access this site via site HAL2 to the north, also proposed for employment use, or via an appropriate access point through the existing industrial estate.

5.28 Footpath and cycle provision should be provided to link with the wider network and in particular the proposal to continue the National Cycle Network route 1 southwards along the Norwich Road corridor. Development on this site should make a financial contribution to assist in delivering part of this route.

5.29 The County Archaeologist has confirmed that this site covers a large area, which has not been the subject of systematic archaeological investigation. Therefore, the size of the site, together with the close proximity of known archaeological remains, requires that an archaeological condition is attached to any planning permission for the site.

5.30 Suffolk Wildlife Trust have advised that there is a high risk that reptiles, and possibly other protected species, may be present on site, and wildlife surveys will therefore be required before the site is cleared.

Policy HAL1

Land west of Broadway Drive, Halesworth, (2.62 ha), is allocated for industrial use. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• The site could accommodate a single occupier or a mix of small or medium scale B1 (light industrial/business), B2 (general industrial), or B8 (storage and distribution uses).
• Development shall be of a scale and appearance that minimises its visual impact on the surrounding countryside and if possible does not rise above the level of surrounding trees and hedges.
• A structural landscaping scheme will be required with early implementation to limit visual impact on the surrounding countryside.
• Vehicular access will be required through the existing industrial estate or via the industrial allocation to the north.
• Provision should be made for cycle and pedestrian access to and from this site and in particular to link with the National Cycle Network route 1 southwards along the Norwich Road corridor. A financial contribution should be made to assist in the delivery of part of this route.
• An archaeological condition must be attached to any planning permission granted on this site.
• A floristic survey and protected species survey (including amphibians, reptiles and badgers) must be completed prior to the submission of any planning application. No vegetation clearance should take place until these surveys are complete and appropriate mitigation measures are put in place.
• A Flood Risk Assessment should be prepared as part of the application process to assess and mitigate the risk of flooding from surface water drainage.

5.31 Development of this site will be progressed by the landowner and future developers. Industrial development of this site will be progressed over the life of the plan period. It is likely that most development will take place over the medium term as demand in the economy strengthens.