Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

HAL2 - Broadway Farm, west of A144 Norwich Road, Halesworth / Spexhall

Allocation: Industrial


5.32 This is a greenfield site to the north of Norwich Road Industrial Estate on the north side of the town. The land comprises part of Broadway Farm. The farmhouse and associated buildings are located in the middle of this site. A large arable field lies to the west and the rest of this site is made up of smaller fields that are used for pasture. Trees and hedges line all of these fields and there is an area of slightly rougher ground to the north of the farm buildings. Much of the site is flat, except for the southwest corner, which dips down towards the railway line. Electricity pylons run across the site from north to south. The A144 Norwich Road runs along the eastern boundary.

5.33 This site is within easy reach of Halesworth town centre and residential areas by a range of transport modes.

Proposed Development
5.34 Industrial development on this site would form a natural extension to existing industrial land to the south and complement development on the adjacent allocation to the west (HAL1). The site could accommodate either one large business or a number of smaller ones. In keeping with developments to the south these will include a mixture of B1 (light industrial/business), B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage and distribution) uses.

5.35 The allocation fronts onto the A144 and any development on this site will require a remodelling of the existing roundabout to access the site. This must be provided to a standard that allows articulated lorries to access and exit the site and should include the provision of street lighting.

5.36 Footpath and cycle provision should be provided to link with the wider network and in particular the proposal to continue the National Cycle Network route 1 southwards along the Norwich Road corridor. Development on this site should make a financial contribution to assist in delivering part of this route.

5.37 Landscaping measures are needed to minimise the impact of any development on the surrounding landscape. As part of any landscaping scheme the hedgerows and mature trees should be retained for their screening and biodiversity value.

5.38 A Suffolk Wildlife Trust survey has also revealed that there are great crested newts contained within the compound of the substation to the south of this site. A survey will be needed to determine whether they are using the southern meadow as a habitat. Any clearance of the traditional farm buildings should be done with care and outside the bird nesting season of March to the end of July. The Trust recommend that part of this site be set aside for species that prefer thick hedge and bramble scrub. Ecological surveys, including for bats, breeding birds, newts and reptiles should also be undertaken.

5.39 The County Archaeologist has advised that a ditch on this site is thought to be the remains of a Bronze Age burial mound. This site has not been the subject of systematic investigation, but it is thought to contain a high potential for archaeological remains given existing discoveries and the size of this site. Archaeological evaluation should be undertaken prior to any planning permission being granted on the site. There are also a group of historical farm buildings on this site, which were recorded on the First Edition OS Map. There should be early recording of these buildings to establish their importance and potential for alteration.

Policy HAL2

Land at Broadway Farm, Halesworth, (9.63ha), is allocated for industrial use. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• The site could accommodate a single occupier or a mix of small, medium or large scale B1 (light industrial/business), B2 (general industrial), or B8 (storage and distribution uses).
• One point of access should be provided onto the roundabout that links the A144 with Sparrowhawk Road.
• Significant remodelling to the roundabout between Sparrowhawk Road and the A144 is required to provide adequate access.
• Street lighting must be provided over the site frontage.
• Provision should be made for cycle and pedestrian access to and from this site and in particular to link with the National Cycle Network route 1 southwards along the Norwich Road corridor. A financial contribution should be made to assist in the delivery of part of this route.
• A structural landscaping scheme will be required, with early implementation to limit visual impact on the surrounding countryside. This should include the retention of existing trees and hedges.
• Before development is permitted, a further survey of this site should be carried out to check for the presence of great crested newts and other wildlife.
• The farm buildings should be subject to historic building recording prior to development that may affect them being permitted.
• An archaeological evaluation should be undertaken prior to development being permitted to allow for the presence in situ of any sites of national importance to be investigated.
• A Flood Risk Assessment should be prepared as part of the application process to assess and mitigate the risk of flooding from surface water drainage.

5.40 Development of this site will be progressed by the landowner and future developers. Industrial development of this site will be progressed over the life of the plan period. It is likely that most development will take place over the medium to long term, given the need for highway works and as demand in the economy strengthens.