Site Specific Allocations

Adopted January 2011

SOU2 - Former Eversley School Playing Field, Wangford Road, Reydon

Allocation: Housing, Doctor's Surgery/Healthy Living Centre, Customer Access Centre for public/voluntary sector services and village green


6.26 This site is a flat, overgrown and disused playing field. A fence with a hedge growing next to it surrounds this site to the north and west, with hedges and tall trees to the south. This site is undeveloped, except for the remains of former changing rooms on the northwest edge of this site.

6.27 The site is located in the centre of Reydon and has good access along fairly wide roads with pavements. Although there are no cycle lanes, all surrounding roads are fairly quiet. Reydon has a primary school, shop and pub, all of which are within easy walking distance of this site.

6.28 This site is the former Eversley School playing field, which closed several years ago. The site is in private ownership and although not accessible to the public or used as playing fields, it provides an important open space in the centre of Reydon. Proposed Development

SOU2 Image 1.jpg6.29 This site is allocated for housing, a healthy living centre, customer access centre and village green. Development on this site provides the opportunity to meet a variety of community needs.

6.30 This site also provides the opportunity to deliver a replacement doctor's surgery for the area, with other health care facilities, as part of a healthy living centre. The site for the healthy living centre will occupy approximately 1.03 hectares of this site. This will include associated car parking. The possibility of delivering a customer access centre for public sector/voluntary service delivery should also be explored as part of any future development. This could be a space within the healthy living centre complex or a space the size of the ground floor of one of the residential units.

6.31 Approximately 1 hectare of this site is allocated for housing. Housing development on this site should provide a mix of types and tenures but particularly 2 and 3 bed units. This will help to meet the need for small and family-sized accommodation identified in the Housing Market Assessment (2007). Development should take place at approximately 30 dwellings to the hectare, in keeping with the suburban character of the surrounding area. 35% of dwellings should be affordable. This percentage requirement was established through a site specific viability assessment[1] which took into account known abnormal costs and site specific requirements. The requirement for affordable housing will only be reduced in exceptional circumstances where it can be demonstrated that a lower percentage of affordable housing is needed to ensure the site remains financially viable when taking into account unforeseen development costs.

6.32 A village green should be designed within the development to provide a useable focal point, including for community events such as summer fetes. This should account for approximately 0.6 hectares of the site. This is just above the minimum recommended national standard of 0.4 hectares for a local park. The additional space reflects the wider population catchment of Reydon that the village green would serve.

6.33 Safety and accessibility are key concerns when considering the location of public open space. Many public spaces are underused because people do not feel safe in them. Often this is due to these open spaces being remote from residential areas or being bordered by high walls and hedges, giving the impression that they are unwatched, isolated and unsafe. The design and relationship of the village green to adjacent housing should also create a sense of place. Adjacent housing should therefore be designed to relate to and overlook the village green, and ensure it can be easily and safely accessed and used.

6.34 The Suffolk Wildlife Trust have surveyed this site and consider it has a low biodiversity value. There were no rare or endangered species recorded during this visit, but the Trust has recommended a reptile survey be undertaken on this site prior to development.

6.35 There are no known archaeological finds on the site, but there is some potential for archaeology owing to the size of the site. An archaeological condition should therefore be attached to any future planning permission relating to archaeological investigation.

6.36 Reydon has experienced considerable housing development in the recent past and so the primary purpose of this allocation is not to deliver more housing. Housing is the enabling development that will assist in delivering enhanced playing field provision at the Reydon High School site and a focal point for Reydon in the form of a publicly accessible village green.

6.37 Replacement provision for the loss of playing fields should be made at the former Reydon High School site, where there is a need to extend the existing facilities, particularly for football. Development should not commence until a site to extend the playing fields at the former Reydon High School site has been agreed and delivered. Housing development must make a financial contribution towards improved playing fields at the former Reydon High School site (SOU3).

Policy SOU2

Land at the Former Eversley School Playing Field, Reydon, (2.63ha), is allocated for Housing, Doctor's Surgery/Healthy Living Centre, Customer Access Centre for public/voluntary sector services and village green. The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:
• Development on this site must compensate for the loss of playing fields through additional provision on site SOU3. Development on this site shall not commence until the additional playing fields have been delivered.
• Approximately 1 hectare of this site should be developed at a density of approximately 30 dwellings per hectare.
• A mix of house types and tenures should be provided and particularly 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings. 35% of the dwellings should be affordable homes with the mix to be based on the findings of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment and agreed with the District Council Housing Officer. The affordable housing requirement will only be reduced in exceptional circumstances to ensure the site remains financially viable when taking into account unforeseen development costs.
• Approximately 0.6 hectares of the site should be laid out as a village green to act as a focal point for the local community.
• Housing should be designed to overlook the village green, to create a sense of place and ensure that it is visible, safe and easily accessible.
• Approximately 1.03 hectares of this site should be developed as a doctor's surgery/healthy living centre.
• Provision should be made for a space for a customer access centre, either as part of the health facilities or the housing development.
• Provision for cyclists and pedestrians should be made along the Wangford Road corridor to Mights Bridge.
• A reptile survey should be undertaken prior to planning permission and mitigation measures implemented, as necessary, prior to the site being developed.
• An archaeological condition should be attached to any planning permission.
• A Flood Risk Assessment should be prepared as part of the application process to assess and mitigate the risk of flooding from surface water drainage.

6.38 This site will be delivered by developers, the Great Yarmouth and Waveney NHS Trust, The Practice Based Commissioners, local voluntary organisations and Waveney District Council. It is anticipated that the housing will be delivered by 2011 but this will depend on the delivery of the playing fields. The health facilities need to be delivered within the next two years.