Waveney Local Plan


8.210 The District contains a range of important archaeological sites. Some of these are designated as scheduled ancient monuments, although most assets are non-designated and sometimes not known of until development proposals come forward. Scheduled Ancient Monuments are nationally significant assets and afforded great protection in the National Planning Policy Framework. The Council recognises that archaeological remains are a non-renewable resource which are valuable for their own sake and for their role in education, leisure and tourism.

8.211 All sites allocated in the Local Plan have been considered for their archaeological potential. Where there is potential, the relevant policies set out the requirements for either an archaeological investigation to take place prior to planning permission or by condition on a planning permission. Policy WLP8.38 requires a full archaeological assessment of sites within potential areas of archaeological importance. The Policy prefers preservation in situ of archaeological remains, but where this is not feasible, developers are expected to make arrangements to record any finds. 


Policy WLP8.38 - Archaeology

A full archaeological assessment must be included with any planning application affecting areas of known or suspected archaeological importance to ensure that provision is made for the preservation of important archaeological remains.

Where proposals affect archaeological sites, preference will be given to preservation in situ unless it can be shown that recording of remains, assessment, analysis report and deposition of archive is more appropriate.