Waveney Local Plan

Strategy for Beccles and Worlingham

New homes in Beccles and Worlingham


Homes Built 2014-2017


Existing Housing Commitments[1]


Homes allocated in Local Plan expected to be delivered in plan period


Total Growth 2014-2036



3.1 The strategy for Beccles and Worlingham is to continue to fulfil their role as the second largest built-up area in the District. In doing this the Council will seek to retain the individual identities of the two settlements. The growth proposed in this Local Plan over the next 20 years is similar to that experienced by Beccles and Worlingham over the last 20 years. However, this Local Plan seeks to plan for the development in a more strategic way to ensure a greater range of infrastructure and services are provided to support the growth.

3.2 In total land has been allocated in this Local Plan for 1,500 new homes in Beccles and Worlingham of which 1,350 are expected to be completed over the plan period to 2036. Beccles and Worlingham (and Ellough) are expected to take the second largest share of new jobs created over the next 20 years. The Local Plan allocates nearly 20 hectares of new employment land in the area. Although not all of this land is expected to be developed in the plan period, new employment land development will help make Beccles and Worlingham more self-sufficient.

3.3 The Southern Relief Road opens up new opportunities for growth in the town. Not only does it mitigate the traffic impacts of new employment development at Ellough, including the Enterprise Zone, it will also support new residential development to the south of the town.

3.4 The strategy for Beccles and Worlingham takes advantage of the benefits the Southern Relief Road brings by allocating a strategic development between the existing built-up area and the road. This development provides a logical extension to the town that can be well planned with significant amounts of green space and supporting infrastructure and should be developed using garden city principles (see section on North Lowestoft Garden Village, Policy WLP2.12). The landscape to the south of the town is of low landscape quality and lower agricultural land grade making it a sensible location in the town to focus growth. The existing southern part of the built up area of Beccles and Worlingham suffers from a lack of services and facilities. The infrastructure provided on the new development will provide significant benefits for those already living in south Beccles and Worlingham.

3.5 For employment growth, this Local Plan maintains the focus on the Ellough industrial area and the Enterprise Zone. It also promotes an additional area of employment land which could be delivered in the shorter term as part of housing development on land allocated by Policy WLP3.1. 

1. Sites with planning permission or on Local Development Framework allocations which are expected to complete before 2036. [back]