Waveney Local Plan

Corton Strategy

Population: 1,094     Dwellings: 561

Primary School
GP surgery
Public house
Yes (x2)
Food Shop

Post Office

Meeting place


7.36 Corton is characterised by its coastal location with the beach and cliffs located to the east and open countryside extending to the north and west. A network of woodlands and coastal heaths near the village contribute towards the character of the settlement and retain separation from North Lowestoft. Holiday accommodation is located along the coast and provides an important focal point for tourism in the local area. Facilities including a village hall, public house, equipped play areas and a playing field. The village is well connected to Lowestoft and public transport, footways and cycle routes provide good access to services and facilities. The village is located close to the A47 and there are direct connections to Great Yarmouth and Norwich via the B1074.

7.37 There is limited scope for new development within and around the village of Corton. The primary school is expected to be close to capacity over the next five years with limited scope to expand. Therefore any additional development will likely exceed the capacity of the school. In the longer term the village of Corton will benefit from the North Lowestoft Garden Village development allocated by Policy WLP2.12 (which falls within the Corton parish). This will provide new services and facilities and employment in close proximity to the village whilst retaining the character and identity of the existing settlement. Further development on the edge of Corton, could increase the risk of coalescence and undermine the separate identities of the existing village of Corton and the new development to the west.