Waveney Local Plan

District-Wide Strategic Planning Policies


183 Halesworth Housing

8.1 The National Planning Policy Framework requires local planning authorities to deliver a wide choice of high quality homes to meet the full, objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing within the housing market area over the plan period. Local planning authorities should plan for a wide choice of homes based on current and future demographic and migration trends, market trends and the needs of different groups within the community in order to widen opportunities for home ownership and create inclusive and mixed communities.

8.2 The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2017) is a key piece of evidence in assessing housing need and planning for housing delivery. The assessment has been carried out with Babergh, Mid Suffolk and Suffolk Coastal District Councils and Ipswich Borough Council. There are some key findings from the assessment which are important in developing housing planning policies. Firstly, the assessment concludes that Waveney district forms its own housing market area. Secondly, the assessment sets out the Objectively Assessed Need for Waveney of 8,223 dwellings over the plan period. This equates to 374 dwellings per year. Thirdly, the assessment identifies the need for affordable housing and the type and mix of housing required to meet the needs of the housing market area.

8.3 The Local Plan allocates a significant amount of land to accommodate new housing development, in excess of the objectively assessed need identified above. The overall strategy for the District therefore focusses new housing delivery on allocated sites and windfall sites within the Settlement Boundaries of Lowestoft, the market towns, larger and smaller villages. (See Policies WLP1.1, WLP1.2 and WLP1.3). However, in order to deliver more affordable housing and other types of small scale housing in the Countryside (i.e. outside of Settlement Boundaries), Policies WLP8.6, WLP8.7, WLP8.8 and WLP8.11 in this section allow for a small number of exceptions to this approach.