Waveney Local Plan

What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan sets out the level of growth which needs to be planned in Waveney and identifies where that growth should be located and how it should be delivered. The Plan sets out the planning policies which the Council will use to determine planning applications in its area.

The new Local Plan for Waveney will cover the period 2014-2036.

Figure 1 - Timetable for the Local Plan

Winter 2017/18
Final Draft plan consultation and submission for examination

Spring 2018
Examination hearing

Early Summer 2018
Inspector's Report and Adoption

Last year the Council consulted on a number of different options for managing and facilitating growth across the District. The Council also consulted on a number of potential sites which could accommodate development over the next 20 years. The Council has taken into account all comments made during the consultation last year in formulating this First Draft Plan.

A new Local Plan is needed for a number of reasons:

    • Changes in National Planning Legislation and Policy since the last Local Plan was prepared
    • Need to identify locally derived growth targets for housing and economic development now that Regional Plans have been abolished
    • The existing Local Plan (Core Strategy document) is now over five years old and the existing plan period (to 2021) is running out.