Waveney Local Plan


This consultation document takes the form of what the final Local Plan will look like. Together with the comments received during last years consultation a significant amount of evidence has been collected to justify the proposals and policies in the First Draft Plan. However, it is just a first draft which sets out the Council's preferred approach and can change before the Council finalises its approach. Additionally, there are still some things which remain uncertain which need to be addressed before finalising the Local Plan.

Work still to be done:

  • Assess the financial viability of proposals and policies in the plan to ensure they are deliverable
  • Establish the most effective way of delivering infrastructure for each site
  • Assess the impact of proposals on internationally protected habitats and identify necessary mitigation
  • Identify specific mitigation for the highway network.

In addition to setting out the Council's preferred approach in this First Draft Local Plan, Appendices 4 and 5 set out a number of alternative approaches for different policies and alternative sites which could accommodate development needs. The appendix details why the Council doesn't think these alternatives are appropriate but we would welcome your thoughts on whether you think they are more appropriate than the policies and sites presented in the First Draft Plan. The Council would also welcome thoughts on whether there are any other alternative options which the Council hasn't yet considered.

The response we get to this consultation will help to shape the final draft version of the Local Plan which will be consulted on in late 2017 before being submitted to Government for independent examination.