Waveney Local Plan

Western End of Lake Lothing

Retail development, marine-focused employment development and tourism

2.37 The Western End of Lake Lothing refers to the area to the south west of Lake Lothing between Stanley Road and South Elmham Terrace. The area is currently characterised by small scale industrial uses and under-utilised land. There is limited public access to the area and the waterfront in this location.

2.38 Much of the site is already developed, so most new development will involve redevelopment of existing buildings. Access to the site is currently a constraint, and further intensification of development off South Elmham Terrace is unlikely to be suitable unless improvements to visibility splays are improved. There is an opportunity through redevelopment to provide better access from Crompton Road and Stanley Road.

2.39 The Lake Lothing and Outer Harbour Area Action Plan allocated this site for mixed use development including waterfront tourism, small scale residential development of 57 homes and employment development. Since the adoption of the Area Action Plan planning permission has been given for 44 homes off South Elmham Terrace. However, the development of these homes is conditional on improvements to South Elmham Terrace. Policy WLP2.6 continues to allocate this area of land for 57 homes, together with improved waterfront employment premises and waterfront tourist uses.

2.40 A Concept Statement for the site has been adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document. The document provides further detail to guide development of the site and planning applications should be in accordance with the guidance and the outline masterplan. The Concept Statement will be kept under review and may be amended in line with Policy WLP2.6 to take into account changing circumstances. This review could take place through a revised Supplementary Planning Document or as part of a Neighbourhood Plan. 

Policy WLP2.6 - Western End of Lake Lothing

Land comprising the Western End of Lake Lothing (3.83 hectares) as defined on the Policies Map is allocated for mixed-use development including; 57 dwellings, marine focused employment, and tourism uses.

New development and redevelopment within the site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • Development should maximise the potential of the waterfront position.
  • Development should allow for public views of and access to the waterfront.
  • Development should provide a central area of open space comprising a local equipped area for play which is well overlooked.
  • Development should be planned in accordance with the sequential approach to flood risk within the site, with more vulnerable development focused on the parts of the site with the least flood risk.
  • All new development will be subject to a site specific flood risk assessment. A flood evacuation plan and details of mitigation measures to the satisfaction of the Council's Emergency Planners must be submitted with any planning application