Waveney Local Plan

Former Battery Green Car Park

Retail and leisure development

059 Battery Green Car ParkView the site boundary by using our interactive online map.

2.41 The Battery Green Car Park occupies a prominent site facing on to the A12 at Battery Green Road. The former car park has recently closed due to serious structural deterioration and low demand from visitors.

2.42 The site, which sits within the town centre, offers a prime site for redevelopment for town centre uses. The 2.3 hectare site could accommodate a number of the development needs identified in the Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment including new comparison and convenience retail, leisure uses such as a cinema and a town centre hotel. Development of this type on this site will have a significant positive impact on the vitality and viability of Lowestoft Town Centre. At this stage the exact mix and level of development has not been established. Policy WLP2.7 therefore allocates the site for a mix of potential town centre uses. There may also be potential for residential development (falling within either use classes C2 or C3) as part of a mixed use scheme. However, this use should be ancillary and any planning application for the site which includes residential uses must be supported by information which demonstrates there will be no significant impacts on residential amenity from industrial and port related activities taking place on the adjacent PowerPark site.

2.43 Given the prominent location of the site, redevelopment will need to be carefully planned and designed. It will be particularly important to establish visible links and connections to the main pedestrianised London Road North and the Marina street. This will ensure the wider town centre will benefit from the development from linked trips. An active frontage should be provided along Gordon Road to ensure the street provides a welcoming link between the town centre, the development and employment uses on the PowerPark. Large blank walls should be avoided adjacent to public thoroughfares to ensure the development is attractive from main public viewpoints. 

Policy WLP2.7 - Former Battery Green Car Park

The Former Battery Green Car Park (0.87 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for a comprehensive redevelopment of town centre uses including retail and leisure development falling within Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, C1 and D2.

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • New development should be designed to highest possible architectural standard and create a landmark building for the town. Blank walls should be avoided adjacent to public viewpoints.
  • Visual links and connections should be provided to London Road North and the Marina street.
  • An active frontage should be provided along Gordon Road.