Waveney Local Plan

Inner Harbour Port Area

062 Inner Harbour Port AreaView the boundary by using our interactive online map.

2.53 The Port of Lowestoft, currently owned by Associated British Ports, is an important regional and local asset. The Port services traffic to and from Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The Port has experienced a significant increase in traffic in recent years and offers a wide range of facilities for container, bulk and general cargo handling. Increasingly it is also servicing the emerging offshore renewables sector as well as the established oil and gas sector.

2.54 The Inner Harbour Port Area as defined on the Policies Map covers the part of the Port of Lowestoft on the banks of Lake Lothing. It also contains South Quay which is just to the west of the Bascule Bridge on Lake Lothing. South Quay is a heavy lifting quay in separate private ownership and is valuable in supporting offshore renewables, engineering, oil and gas sectors and Sizewell.

2.55 Policy WLP2.9 protects and supports the enhancement of these areas for uses associated with the Port. The Inner Harbour Port Area is located in close proximity to other uses such as residential, retail and leisure uses. It is therefore important to minimise the conflict between these uses. 

Policy WLP2.9 - Inner Harbour Port Area

The Inner Harbour Port Area is defined on the Policies Map.

Within the Inner Harbour Port Area land and buildings will be retained in port and other associated uses. Proposals involving the redevelopment or change of use of existing premises, to uses not related to the port will not be permitted.

New development within the Inner Harbour Port Area should ensure that appropriate technology, equipment, and business practices are utilised in order to minimise noise and other amenity issues.

New development on South Quay should include landscaping and public realm treatments which improve the appearance of this key gateway to the town centre.

New development next to or opposite the Inner Harbour Port Area should ensure potential conflicts are mitigated through the layout, use and environmental credentials of new buildings. Developers should liaise with port operators to ensure that potential conflicting uses are addressed prior to any application for planning permission.