Waveney Local Plan

North Lowestoft Garden Village

Residential development, employment development, primary school and local shops

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2.68 This broad area of land comprising 77.60 hectares sits either side of the A47 (formerly A12) to the north of Lowestoft within the parish of Corton. The development of this area is a longer term ambition of the Local Plan and development is not expected to start until 2026. The site is allocated for 1,400 new homes and 8.5 hectares of employment land together with community facilities, including a 2 form entry primary school, open space and a local shopping centre. During the life of this Local Plan (2014-2036) it is expected that approximately 740 homes will be delivered with the remainder being constructed between 2036 and 2044.

2.69 Out of all the areas in North Lowestoft with the potential for future development, this area of land will likely have the most limited impact on the landscape. The site is flat and pylons to the west and the wastewater recycling centre to the north undermine the existing quality of landscape in this location. The site has access to the strategic road network which provides regular bus services between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. The development is of a scale that can provide most services to cater for day to day needs. It is also of a scale which can deliver a significant amount of land for new businesses which can provide employment for future residents on the site and further afield in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

2.70 Access to this area is a constraint. It will be possible to access initial phases of development from Blundeston Road and Corton Long Lane. However, longer term there will be a need for a new access from the A47 trunk road which will provide access to both the western and eastern parts of the site. The access will require safe pedestrian crossings and it is likely speed restrictions will be needed on the A47 where it dissects the site. This would change the character of the A47 to a more urban character similar to that as it travels through the rest of Lowestoft and South Gorleston, near the James Paget Hospital. The addition of an extra junction on to the A47 may cause increased safety issues along the trunk road. Therefore, mitigation would be required to increase safety elsewhere along the stretch of road.

2.71 Community facilities including the primary school and local shopping centre should be provided within a central location on the eastern part of the site near to the future junction on to the A47, in order to enable good access from all properties built on each side of the site.

2.72 Waveney has an ageing population and the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (2017) identified a significant need for new sheltered and extra care housing and new care homes. This large site, which will likely be delivered by a number of developers provides an opportunity to deliver a retirement community comprising a care home and a proportion of extra care and/or sheltered dwellings. The development should be designed, utilising dementia friendly design principles (see Policy WLP8.29 on Design).

2.73 Delivery of new employment development can often be challenging due to the financial viability of development. Housing development on the site should help cross-subsidise the delivery of employment development including the provision of serviced plots.

2.74 The site should be designed using garden city principles[1] with significant amounts of landscaping, tree planting and green infrastructure. The development of the area should exhibit exceptional urban design. It should score particularly well against Building for Life criteria (see Policy WLP8.29). Developers are encouraged to seek Built for Life Quality Mark for housing development on the site.

Below: Welwyn Garden City (courtesy of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council)
069 Welwyn Garden City 1 069 Welwyn Garden City 2

Below: Hampstead Garden Suburb
069 Hampstead Garden Suburb 1 069 Hampstead Garden Suburb 2
2.75 A detailed masterplan will need to be prepared to guide the development of this site. The masterplan will need to set out how the scheme will meet garden city principles and exhibit excellent urban design. The masterplan will need to set out detailed proposals for access, phasing and the distribution of land-uses across the site. This should be prepared either as part of a Neighbourhood Plan or as a Supplementary Planning Document. No development will be permitted on the site until the masterplan has been prepared. 

Policy WLP2.12 - North Lowestoft Garden Village

Land comprising North Lowestoft Garden Village (77.60 hectares) as defined on the Policies Map is allocated for a comprehensive mixed use development including;

  • Up to 1,400 new dwellings
  • Retirement community comprising a care home / nursing home and extra care and/or sheltered dwellings.
  • 2 form entry primary school
  • Playing field and green infrastructure
  • A local shopping centre comprising a convenience store, cafes and other local services
  • 8.5 hectares of employment development (falling under use classes B1, B2 and B8)

A masterplan should be prepared and adopted as either a Supplementary Planning Document or as part of a Neighbourhood Plan. No development will be permitted on this site until the masterplan has been prepared.

The masterplan should:

  • Set out detailed arrangements for access on to the site, including identifying a new access from the A47,associated mitigation, and safe access across the A47 for children attending the new primary school.
  • Set out the distribution of land-uses across the site. The primary school, local shopping centre and retirement community should be located centrally on the site close to the new access from the A47.
  • Set out the approach to phasing of development across the site.
  • Set out detailed urban design guidance and demonstrate how the principles of garden city developments can be met on the site.

Housing development on the site should help cross-subsidise the delivery of the employment land.


1. Information on garden city principles can be found in the glossary and at http://www.tcpa.org.uk/pages/garden-cities.html [back]