Waveney Local Plan

Land South of Benacre Road at Ellough Airfield, Ellough

Employment development

094 Land south of Benacre RoadView the site boundary by using our interactive online map.

3.27 The site (13.40 hectares) sits south of Benacre Road on part of the former Ellough Airfield. It is surrounded by existing employment uses. The site is currently used for agriculture.

3.28 The site forms part of the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Enterprise Zone and was originally allocated in the Site Specific Allocations Development Plan Document in 2011. The area is flat and has a very low landscape quality with few natural features and many landscape detractors in the vicinity. Further employment development on this site would relate well to the existing employment uses on the surrounding industrial estates. Development of the site will benefit from the Beccles Southern Relief Road which is currently under construction.

3.29 This site allocation is very large and considering the overall need for employment land it is unlikely that much of this site will be developed within the plan period to 2036. Furthermore, there are constraints to electricity supply which limit the potential for development in the Ellough area. This means it is unlikely that development will be viable or feasible on this site in the early parts of the plan period. However, given the nature of the site and to give flexibility to what parts of the site could come forward, it is considered appropriate to continue to allocate the entire Enterprise Zone area to provide a longer term option for employment development to support Beccles and Worlingham. Furthermore, the land has limited potential for any other uses except for its existing agricultural use.

3.30 Although the site has a low landscape quality, there will still be a need for landscaping on the site to help enhance the landscape of the area and screen the development to avoid an exposed edge.

3.31 There is a small overgrown area with some mature trees to the north of the site. This should be retained as part of any development and made a feature of as an open space for local employees to enjoy.

3.32 There is potential for archaeology to be found on the site and any planning application will be subject to a condition requiring a programme of archaeological work.

3.33 There are public rights of way which follow the eastern and southern perimeter of the site. These should be retained and the development should provide links into them. 

Policy WLP3.3 - Land South of Benacre Road at Ellough Airfield, Ellough

Land south of Benacre Road, Ellough (13.40 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for employment development (falling under use classes B1, B2 and B8).

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • Landscaping should be provided to the west and south of the site.
  • The small overgrown area to the north of the site should be retained as part of any development and made a feature of as an open space for local employees to enjoy.
  • The surrounding public rights of way should be protected with linkages enhanced as appropriate.
  • A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan should be submitted with any planning application.
  • A planning condition relating to archaeological investigation will be attached to any planning permission.