Waveney Local Plan

Strategy for Halesworth and Holton

New homes in Halesworth and Holton


Homes Built 2014-2017


Existing Housing Commitments[1]


Homes allocated in Local Plan expected to be delivered in plan period


Total Growth 2014-2036



4.1 The strategy for Halesworth and Holton is to increase the level of housing within the town which will help deliver enhanced health and sports facilities and new employment opportunities. This will help attract younger, working age, people to the town and provide more balance to the demographics of the population. The increased levels of development will help support the town centre and enhance its role as a service centre for Holton and other nearby villages.

4.2 The Local Plan also aims to protect the individual identities of Halesworth and Holton through the selection of sites for development and through the indicative masterplans for development between the two settlements.

4.3 The Local Plan allocates land for 440 new homes in addition to the 300 which already have permission or completed since the beginning of the plan period. 2.5 hectares of land has also been allocated for employment development.

4.4 The main site for development is the Halesworth/Holton Healthy Neighbourhood, which seeks to deliver 215 new homes, a new retirement community and associated healthcare facilities, new sports facilities on the proposed Halesworth Campus and improvements to the existing Dairy Hill playing fields. The delivery of this site will be an important part of delivering the overall strategy for the town.

4.5 For Holton, a small site is allocated to provide a small amount of additional local housing. However, the village will benefit from the enhanced facilities provided in Halesworth. 

1. Sites with planning permission or on Local Development Framework allocations which are expected to complete before 2036. [back]