Waveney Local Plan

Halesworth/Holton Healthy Neighbourhood

Mixed use including residential development, health care facility and retirement community, sports facilities and education / training facility

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4.7 The site (22.05 hectares) comprises the former Halesworth Middle School site, North Suffolk Skills Centre, Dairy Hill playing fields and agricultural land to the east. The site is bordered by Norwich Road to the west and Fair View Road and Bungay Road to the north. Land on the former middle school site and Dairy Hill site is flat but the agricultural land to the east slopes down towards the village of Holton. Agricultural fields on this site are surrounded by mature trees and hedges.

4.8 The development of this site will help deliver the vision of the Halesworth Campus, and Halesworth Health to provide additional sporting and health facilities in the town and the vision of the Halesworth Playing Fields Association to provide enhanced sporting facilities at Dairy Hill. The plans of these organisations will help promote healthier lifestyles for new residents and existing residents alike. The development of the site will include new and improved sports fields, a 3G pitch, a sports hall, community and training facilities, health care facilities, a retirement community and 215 new homes. The housing provided on the site will have excellent access to these new facilities. The site also has good access to existing facilities in the town centre, Cutlers Hill Surgery, the railway station and employment premises. Although the site sits within the gap between Halesworth and Holton and is within tributary valley farmland landscape character area, the fields comprising the eastern part of the site are well screened with mature vegetation which will limit the impact on the landscape and the potential for coalescence between Halesworth and Holton.

4.9 The northwest portion of the site on part of the former middle school site will be developed to provide high quality care and accommodation for elderly residents as well as health facilities for the community. New sport facilities will be located in the centre part of the site, with new housing to the east of the site. Sports facilities on Dairy Hill will be retained in their current location. New housing and the retirement community on the site should help enable the delivery of the sports and community facilities. As such the proposed 3G pitch to the south of the existing North Suffolk Skills Centre should be delivered prior to the construction of the 100th house on the site.

4.10 Access to the residential element of the development should be from Harrisons Lane. Loam Pit Lane should not be used for vehicular access but should facilitate cycle access.

4.11 The landscape in this location is sensitive to development. There is mature planting around the edges of the site which will need to be retained and enhanced to ensure there is only limited impact on the landscape.

4.12 Town Farm, a Grade II listed building sits within the site. The development should be laid out in such a way to limit the impact on the setting of this listed building.

4.13 There are a number of public rights of way running through the site and on the boundary of the site. These should be retained and enhanced as part of the development and provide links to the development recently approved off Hill Farm Road.

4.14 An indicative masterplan is provided in Figure 4.1 showing how the site could be developed. Development proposals should have regard to this indicative masterplan.

Figure 16 - Halesworth/Holton Healthy Neighbourhood indicative masterplan

100 Halesworth Masterplan 

Policy WLP4.1 - Halesworth/Holton Healthy Neighbourhood

The Halesworth/Holton Healthy Neighbourhood (22.05 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for a comprehensive mixed use development comprising:

  • 215 dwellings
  • Health Care Facility and Retirement Community (approximately 2.3 hectares)
  • Sports Facilities including, playing pitch, 3G pitch, and indoor sport facilities (approximately 8.6 hectares)
  • Education/Training Facility

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • Residential development will be located on the northern and eastern parts of the site, which has an area of 7 hectares. The site will be developed at a density of approximately 30 dwellings per hectare.
  • The health care facility and retirement community will be located on the north western parts of the site.
  • The sports facilities will be located on the central parts of the site. Sports facilities on the site should include a 3G artificial pitch for all weather sports provision. This should be enabled by residential development on the site and should be completed following completion of the first 100 dwellings.
  • The North Suffolk Skills Centre will be retained on the site to be used for educational, voluntary and community purposes. This includes providing accommodation for local community organisations.
  • Existing facilities at Dairy Hill, including the sports pitches, martial arts school, tennis courts, bowling green and children's paly space, will be retained.
  • Access to the residential development should be from Harrisons Lane.
  • Existing trees and hedges on the site will be retained. There should be tree planting along the eastern edge of the site totalling 2.5 hectares to minimise landscape impact of the site.
  • Development should be designed to encourage walking and cycling. Existing public rights of way on the site will be retained and new pedestrian access provided to include connectivity both within the site and with neighbouring parts of Halesworth. Loam Pit Lane should provide pedestrian and cycle access to the site.
  • A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan should be submitted with any planning application.