Waveney Local Plan

Land North of Old Station Road, Halesworth

Residential development

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4.20 The site (0.51 hectares) is located on land to the north of Old Station Road. The site is bordered by development to the south and east and to the west has planning permission for a self-build development.

4.21 The site is well contained within the landscape and development on the site would not intrude further into the countryside than development already permitted. The site is within walking distance of nearby employment premises on Norwich Road. The site also has good access to the primary school and the proposed facilities within the Halesworth/Holton Healthy Neighbourhood as described in Policy WLP4.1. The site therefore presents a sustainable opportunity for a small scale development.

4.22 Housing to the south of the site is low density of approximately 15 dwellings per hectare. There is planning permission for further housing development on land to the west of the site. The surrounding landscape only has limited capacity to accommodate new development. Low density development of 20 dwellings per hectare will be in keeping with surrounding residential development and will reduce the impact of new housing upon the surrounding landscape. Retention of trees and hedges on the site and the use of appropriate landscaping will also help to reduce the impact of development on the landscape.

4.23 The site has potential for archaeology and a programme of archaeological work will be required as part of any planning permission. 

Policy WLP4.3 Land North of Old Station Road, Halesworth

Land to the north of Old Station Road, Halesworth (0.51 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for residential development of 10 dwellings.

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • This site should be developed at a density of approximately 20 dwellings per hectare.
  • Development should include the retention of existing trees and hedgerows.
  • A planning condition relating to archaeological investigation will be attached to any planning permission.