Waveney Local Plan

Land Rear of Bungay High School

Residential development

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5.10 The site (12.00 hectares) lies to the south of Bungay High School and to the southwest of the swimming pool. It is currently in agricultural use. School playing fields adjoin the site to the north, land with planning permission for housing and employment land adjoins to the east and open countryside lies to the west, south and southeast.

5.11 The site adjoins the high school and land with planning permission, forming an extension to the built up area of Bungay. The site lacks distinctive landscape features and its landscape value is not high. There is good access to local services, facilities and employment land. The allocation includes a parking and turning area for school buses which will alleviate school traffic in the roads to the north of the high school. An extension to the school playing field is also included along with public open space.

5.12 Vehicular access to the site would be via the planned development for housing and employment land to the east. Existing boundary hedges provide biodiversity value and should be retained. There is a grade II listed building around 300 metres to the south of the site. Landscaping should be provided on the site boundary to preserve its setting. East-west cycle connectivity should be provided across the site to serve the development and allow for future cycle links to be developed.

5.13 The Green Infrastructure Strategy identifies there is a shortfall of allotments and space for informal ball games in Bungay and provision on this site will help to address this issue. 

Policy WLP5.2 - Land Rear of Bungay High School

Land to the rear of Bungay High School (12.00 hectares) is identified on the Policies Map for 220 dwellings.

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • The site will be developed at a density of approximately 30 dwellings per hectare. Lower density development will be appropriate where it is adjacent to the southern edge of the site.
  • Vehicular access shall be via the land with planning permission to the east.
  • A parking and turning area for buses should be provided adjacent to the High School.
  • An extension to the school playing field of between 1 and 1.5 hectares shall be provided.
  • Open space of around 0.75 hectares should be provided on site. This will include public open space in the northeast part of the site and allotment land adjacent to the approved employment uses on the adjoining site to the east. The open space should provide a levelled area for informal ball games.
  • Natural features on the site such as trees and hedgerows should be retained and incorporated into the layout of the development.
  • A landscape belt a minimum of 10 metres wide should be provided along the entire southern edge of the site.
  • An east-west cycle route shall be provided across the entire site, linking in to the land with planning permission to the east and allowing for future connections to the west.
  • A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan should be submitted with any planning application.