Waveney Local Plan

Strategy for Southwold and Reydon

New homes in Southwold and Reydon


Homes Built 2014-2017


Existing Housing Commitments[1]


Homes allocated in Local Plan expected to be delivered in plan period


Total Growth 2014-2036



6.1 The main strategy for Southwold and Reydon is to allocate more housing to increase the range of affordable homes in the area whilst protecting the sensitive built and natural environment. Currently more people work in the area than live in the area and there is a significant amount of in commuting in to Southwold from outside of the Southwold and Reydon area. More homes in the Southwold Reydon area, particularly affordable homes, will allow people who work in the area to live in the area.

6.2 There is limited scope within Southwold itself to accommodate new housing. Therefore, the focus for housing is in Reydon. Like Southwold, Reydon has limited scope to expand as it is surrounded by the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. However, the site allocated by Policy WLP6.1 does not extend development further into the countryside to the west than existing development to the north and south and therefore represents an opportunity to deliver a significant number of homes to support Southwold and Reydon with a more limited impact on the landscape than other potential options for growth.

6.3 Easton Bavents, which is within the parish of Reydon, is under threat from coastal change. Since 2011 three properties have already been lost to erosion and a further three are at risk within the next 20 years. A further property could also be at risk within that timeframe. The three properties already lost were not able to relocate under the provisions of Policy DM22 of the Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (2011). The Council issued these properties with a letter of legitimate expectation which states that if they were to apply for planning permission for a relocated property they would be treated in the same way as if their property still existed. Policy WLP8.26 of this Local Plan continues the approach of Policy DM22. However, relocation has proved difficult, with residents, with the support of the Council struggling to find suitable, affordable land to relocate the properties to. Allocating additional land for development in the Southwold and Reydon area offers the opportunity to secure plots for relocation. Policy WLP6.1 allocates land for 250 homes of which 7 plots should be reserved for relocation.

6.4 Southwold Harbour is a unique Conservation Area which needs careful management. The Local Plan for Waveney has for many years contained a specific policy for the management of the Harbour, and this Local Plan rolls that approach forward.

1. Sites with planning permission or on Local Development Framework allocations which are expected to complete before 2036. [back]