Waveney Local Plan

Barnby and North Cove Strategy and Site Allocations

Population: 930     Dwellings: 423

Primary School
GP surgery
Public house
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Food Shop

Post Office

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Figure 20 - Strategic site allocations in Barnby and North Cove

125 Strategic site allocations Barnby and North Cove

7.7 The parishes of Barnby and North Cove are located between Lowestoft and Beccles north of the A146. Most residents in the parish live in the villages of Barnby and North Cove, which when viewed from The Street appear as one built-up area. The villages are set within two landscapes of different character with the north being defined by the Broads and the south being flat, open countryside contained by the A146 along the south extent of the built up area. The location on the A146 enables good access to services, facilities and employment areas in Beccles and Lowestoft by both private vehicle and public transport.

7.8 The strategy for Barnby and North Cove is to retain the rural character of the settlements, in particular the influence of the Broads landscape whilst allowing for a reasonable level of growth to help support existing services and facilities and to provide a greater choice of accommodation in the villages. Therefore development is allocated south of the existing settlement boundary by Policy WLP7.2 where it can be contained within the landscape and be designed to reflect the existing character of the village.

7.9 To accommodate the new planned development, Barnby and North Cove Community Primary School will need to expand by at least 15 places. Barnby and North Cove are currently served by Worlingham Water Recycling Centre. This Water Recycling Centre is already over capacity. Therefore new sewage flows should be diverted to Beccles Water Recycling Centre. Localised improvements to the foul sewerage network will also be required.

Land Between The Street and A146, Barnby

Residential development

7.10 The site (2.80 hectares) is located on the south fringe of Barnby. The land is currently used for agricultural purposes and can be accessed from The Street.

7.11 The site is well related to the existing built up area of the village and is well contained in the landscape by existing properties to the north and the A146 to the south. Development of the site will have a limited impact on the wider landscape and will not have a significant adverse impact on the setting of the Broads.

7.12 The adjacent residential area has a housing density of approximately 16 dwellings per hectare. A majority of new dwellings in this area are disproportionately large and reflect the recent patterns of residential development. Since 2009, fourteen of a total of sixteen dwellings delivered in the villages have been three bedrooms or larger. This has contributed towards a shortfall of small dwellings in the area. Therefore the delivery of smaller dwellings on the site will be supported.

7.13 The A146 is located along the south boundary of the site. Noise generated by traffic is to be considered as part of any proposal. The existing trees along this route should be protected and reinforced to reduce the impact of noise and provide screening.

7.14 A narrow footway is provided on the north side of The Street. This provides access to the primary school located opposite the site. Footways within the development should provide direct connections to the existing pedestrian network. This could usefully be supported with improvements to the unsigned cycle route along The Street that connects the site to other destinations in the village including the primary school and the recreation area at Pinewood Gardens.

7.15 The nearest equipped play space is located at Pinewood Gardens in North Cove which is the only significant open space for outdoor recreation activities in the village. This site lies some distance from the play area. Therefore an equipped play space equivalent to a local equipped area for play should be provided on the site. This open space should be not less than 0.2 hectares in size and be located and designed to have good natural surveillance and complement the character of The Street.

7.16 There is potential for archaeology to be found on the site and any planning application will be subject to a condition requiring a programme of archaeological work. 


Policy WLP7.2 - Land Between The Street and A146, Barnby

Land between The Street and the A146 (2.80 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for a residential development of 45 dwellings.

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • The site will be developed at a density of approximately 16 dwellings per hectare.
  • Any proposal should be designed to provide a mix of housing types and sizes. The priority will be for smaller two and three bedroom dwellings which reflect the scale of properties located in the area of Mill Lane.
  • On the frontage on to The Street, dwellings should consist of varied designs and be set back from the road with off-street parking.
  • The existing footway along The Street should be extended along the frontage of the site.
  • Landscaping should be provided along the frontage of The Street to complement and enhance the streetscape.
  • Trees located along the south boundary should be protected and reinforced with additional planting.
  • A play space equivalent to a local equipped area for play together with ancillary open space and landscaping should be provided. This open space will be of an area not less than 0.2 hectares. The site should be positioned to have a street corner location with one frontage facing onto The Street.
  • A planning condition relating to archaeological investigation will be attached to any planning permission