Waveney Local Plan

Ilketshall St Lawrence Strategy and Site Allocations

Population: 161     Dwellings: 79

Primary School
GP surgery
Public house
Food Shop

Post Office

Meeting place


Figure 28 - Strategic site allocations in Ilketshall St Lawrence
158 Strategic Site Allocations Ilketshall St Lawrence

7.116 Ilketshall St Lawrence is of rural character with the A144 dividing the built up area creating two distinct residential areas on either side of the road. Some of the built up area also falls within Spexhall parish. Residents have access to a primary school, village hall, public house and playing field. The primary service centre in the area is Halesworth while public transport provides access to Beccles, Bungay, Halesworth and Southwold.

7.117 The strategy for Ilketshall St Lawrence is to deliver residential properties to provide a mix of housing tenures needed in the area to consolidate the village and avoid the sense of ribbon development along the A144. New development will support the primary school and benefit from good road access to Halesworth and Bungay.

7.118 To accommodate growth in the village localised improvements to the foul sewerage network will be required.

Land South of Hogg Lane, Ilketshall St Lawrence

Residential development

7.119 The site (2.56 hectares) is located east of the existing village and will form an extension of the existing built up area. The site is currently used for agriculture and can be accessed from Hogg Lane.

7.120 The site has good access to the main road network and residents are within walking distance of the primary school and a bus stop without having to cross the A144. The site is well related to the existing built up area and will not create a sense of ribbon development.

7.121 The village is characterised by low density development and the adjacent residential area has a housing density of approximately 14 dwellings per hectare. Most houses are modest in size with generous back gardens. Considering this, development on this site should be low density reflecting the average plot sizes of the village. This will enable a scheme to be designed that is in keeping with the size of the village and the rural character which presides in the area. A low density development will provide flexibility for how a scheme is designed. A quality landscape scheme within the residential area to provide a sense of openness and complement the rural setting should be created.

7.122 There is no public play space in the village to support the community. An equipped play space equivalent to a local equipped area for play or a locally landscaped area for play would support the development and have wider community benefits. The type of open space should be decided through discussions with the local community to identify how best to meet the needs in the village.

7.123 The site is partly contained within the landscape by development to the west and existing hedgerows and trees around the site. To reduce the potential for creating a prominent settlement edge facing into the open countryside, a landscaping scheme will be required. Existing hedgerows along the boundary of the site should be protected and reinforced where possible to fit in with the small scale surrounding field pattern.

7.124 The agricultural fields located south of the site remain in use. Access to these fields is gained from a farm access off Hogg Lane located along the north boundary of the site. Provision will need to be made to ensure this access is retained to support the existing farm. 

Policy WLP7.13 - Land South of Hogg Lane, Ilketshall St Lawrence

Land south of Hogg Lane, Ilketshall St Lawrence (2.56 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for residential development of 25 dwellings.

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • The site will be developed at a density of approximately 10 dwellings per hectare.
  • Any proposal is to provide a mix of housing sizes. The size of the building footprint relative to the size of the plot should reflect development located along the north side of Hogg Lane.
  • The footway will need to be extended along Hogg Lane and connect into the pedestrian network serving the development.
  • The existing farm access off Hogg Lane is to be protected.
  • A play space equivalent to a local equipped area for play is to be provided on site.
  • Any proposal should be designed to include quality landscaping within the site and around the east and south boundaries. Existing hedgerows and trees located along the boundaries of the site should be protected and reinforced with additional planting where possible. A landscaping scheme will be required to support any planning application.
  • A condition relating to an archaeological investigation will need to be attached to any planning permission.