Waveney Local Plan

Ringsfield Strategy and Site Allocations

Population: 268     Dwellings: 137

Primary School
GP surgery
Public house
Food Shop

Post Office

Meeting place


Figure 31 - Strategic site allocations in Ringsfield

168 Strategic Site Allocations Ringsfield

7.148 Ringsfield is located to the south west of Beccles. The area is characterised by its rural setting and flat open fields that surround the village. Within the settlement there is a primary school, village hall, public house and an equipped play area alongside the playing field. The village is located close to Beccles which provides an array of services and facilities which are accessible using public transport and a good road network in the vicinity. 

7.149 The strategy for Ringsfield is to enable development which supports the existing services and facilities in the village and which reflects the character of the area. A mix of housing tenures will enable choice in the market and help meet any local housing needs. Future development in the south of Beccles and employment in the Ellough area will provide employment opportunities for people living in the wider area. 

7.150 To accommodate the new development planned in Ringsfield, the Ringsfield Primary School will need to expand by at least 10 places. Localised improvements to the foul sewerage network will also be required. New development will be able to support improvements to and refurbishment work to the Ringsfield Village Hall. New development will also help deliver improvements to the village's tennis courts and improvements to the playing field as identified in the Playing Pitch Assessment (2014). 

Land North of School Road, Ringsfield

Residential development

7.151 The site (2.56 hectares) is located at the west end of the village. The site is used for agriculture and can be accessed from School Road.

7.152 This is the only site proposed in Ringsfield and provides an opportunity to deliver new housing to support the community. The potential for development to have an adverse impact on the landscape and character of the settlement is low. The site is well connected to the road network and a regular bus service provides access to Beccles where services and facilities are available. The bus stops are accessible by public footway. The site is located opposite the primary school and community facilities including the village hall, public house sports pitch facilities and equipped play area are within walking distance.

7.153 The adjacent residential area has a housing density of approximately 15 dwellings per hectare. Given the very rural location of this site, this would form an appropriate density for the development of this site. There should be a good mix of dwelling sizes on the site including terraced, semi-detached and detached properties. All properties should have generous front and back gardens, and space should be provided for landscaping on street frontages.

7.154 Existing community facilities are grouped around the village hall. These include an equipped play space, playing field and tennis court. The site lies outside of the catchment area of the existing play space. However provision of a new play space to serve the development is considered unnecessary. Improvements to the existing recreation area would support the development and the wider community. The low density of development and no open space requirement should enable flexibility for quality landscaping to create a sense of openness to be included as part of any development proposal.

7.155 A public right of way exists along the west boundary of the site. An opportunity exists to improve the existing pedestrian network and access to community facilities by creating a public right of way from the west boundary of the site along the north boundary to the village hall via the woodland. This would increase accessibility to the community facilities located to the east.

7.156 The site is exposed to the open countryside along its north and west boundaries. There are low level hedgerows along these boundaries but these are fragmented in places. New development could create a prominent and exposed settlement edge adversely affecting the rural surroundings. New development should therefore be integrated into the countryside using a quality landscaping scheme to reinforce existing hedgerows and use tree planting along the north boundary to enhance the existing wooded area located east of the site. This will provide screening and improve connectivity within the green infrastructure network and benefit biodiversity. 


Policy WLP7.17 - Land North of School Road, Ringsfield

Land north of School Road, Ringsfield (2.56 hectares) as identified on the Policies Map is allocated for residential development of 40 dwellings.

The site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • The site will be developed at a density of approximately 15 dwellings per hectare.
  • Any proposal is to provide a mix of housing sizes and tenures.
  • Hedgerows and trees located along the north and west boundaries should be protected and reinforced with additional planting. A landscaping scheme will be required to support any planning application.
  • A planning condition relating to archaeological investigation will be attached to any planning permission.