Waveney Local Plan


202 Employment8.56 Projections for employment growth from the Employment Land Needs Assessment Update indicate we need to plan for 5,000 new jobs over the period to 2036. It is estimated that to meet this target, 43 hectares of employment land needs to be identified and developed.

8.57 There is some uncertainty about the number of jobs which we need to plan for and the amount of employment land required to support them. Economic projections themselves at a local level have limitations and cannot foresee new emerging sectors. The additional assumptions in the employment land evidence base around the impact of offshore wind are also uncertain as there are many variables which could affect the total number of jobs and demand for land. The conversion of jobs forecasts to land requirements is also subject to uncertainty as land and floorspace requirements can differ widely between sectors and over time as working patterns change. Furthermore, just because the number of jobs in some sectors decline over time (for example manufacturing) this does not necessarily mean that floorspace requirements will also decline. This is illustrated in the Employment Land Needs Assessment Update which shows that over the period 2001-2016 there was a net increase of over 50 hectares of employment land at the same time as limited growth in jobs.

8.58 It is therefore essential that the Local Plan ensures a flexible and responsive supply of land for employment development and a good range of existing employment premises in the right locations.