Waveney Local Plan


207 Southwold Beach Huts8.71 Waveney is home to a diverse range of natural and cultural tourist attractions and the tourism industry is a vital part of Waveney's economy. The East Suffolk Business Plan strives to build on the strength of the tourism economy and sets out the aims of increasing visitor numbers outside of the main tourist season and delivering and supporting cultural and sporting events for greater tourism opportunities. Supporting the industry is of great importance but it must not be at the expense of the assets and attractions that draw people in to the area.

8.72 The National Planning Policy Framework is generally supportive of tourism and states that local plans should support sustainable rural tourism which benefits the rural economy whilst respecting the character of the countryside. The East Marine Plan recognises the importance of tourism in coast areas and seeks to support tourism proposals and minimise harm resulting from development on tourism.

8.73 The Employment Land Needs Assessment Update (2017) predicts a significant growth in jobs in the tourism sector and recent Waveney Annual Monitoring Reports show a steady number of planning approvals for tourism development in Waveney.