Waveney Local Plan

New Hotel and Guest Houses

8.81 Hotels and guest houses provide valuable accommodation for visitors to the District and the Framework states that town centres are the preferred location for such tourism and leisure uses. However, hotels and guest houses can also make an important contribution in supporting tourism in the seafront areas of the District's coastal towns of Corton, Kessingland, Lowestoft and Southwold. Therefore, Policy WLP8.16 allows for an exception to Policy WLP8.18 New Town Centre Use Development for new build hotels and guest houses to allow them to be supported in seafront locations in the coastal towns.

8.82 Some parts of Lowestoft have been subject to high numbers of conversions to flats which has generated residential amenity issues and also removed larger dwellings suitable for families from the housing stock. Further conversions to flats or Houses in Multiple Occupation are resisted in these areas. Conversions to new guest houses and hotels can sometimes exacerbate these problems. At the same time, some of these areas are well located for the seafront tourist areas and can make a valuable contribution to the tourism economy in the District. As such, creation of new hotels and guest houses in these areas must be carefully controlled to avoid further environmental problems.

8.83 Policy WLP8.16 therefore requires proposals to demonstrate there will be adequate and appropriate off-road car parking, bin storage and be of a size which will provide sufficient space for quality serviced accommodation. The requirement for most family homes is less than 160 sqm and therefore this is deemed to be an appropriate threshold for the conversion to hotels and guest houses.

Policy WLP8.16 - New Hotels and Guest Houses

  • New build hotels and guest houses will be supported in seafront locations in Corton, Lowestoft, Kessingland and Southwold.
  • In streets where further conversions to flats or Houses in Multiple Occupation would not be permitted, conversion of properties to create new hotels and guest houses will only be allowed where:
  • Adequate and appropriate on-site car parking is provided for guests and owners living on site;
  • Adequate and appropriate bin storage is provided; and
  • The property is above average size (i.e. above 160 sqm original floorspace)