Waveney Local Plan

Protection of Existing Tourist Accommodation

211 Southwold Swan Hotel8.84 The existing stock of hotels, guest houses and self catering accommodation provide an important role in support the District's tourism economy. However, as stated above, tourist accommodation can sometimes come under pressure for conversion into residential properties. This is particularly an issue in the countryside where new residential development is more strictly controlled.

8.85 Policy WLP8.17 sets out an approach to protect existing tourist accommodation from conversion to residential where the tourist use may continue to be viable. The policy resists change of use apart from exceptional cases where a lack of demand for the tourist accommodation is clearly and satisfactorily demonstrated. As a minimum, planning applications for change of use will need to provide marketing evidence demonstrating the premises have been marketed for a sustained period of 12 months, in accordance with the requirements as set out in Appendix 6. 

Policy WLP8.17 - Existing Tourist Accommodation

  • Existing tourism accommodation will be protected.
  • Change of use will only be considered in exceptional circumstances where it can be fully and satisfactorily demonstrated that there is no demand for the tourist accommodation.
  • Marketing evidence must be provided which demonstrates the premises have been marketed for a sustained period of a minimum of 12 months in accordance with the requirements set out in Appendix 6.