Waveney Local Plan

Local Shopping Centres

8.100 Local shopping centres are smaller than town and district centres and perform a more limited role. They serve the immediate surrounding area and provide local residents with day to day goods and services. These might include a small supermarket, post office, pharmacy, newsagent and other shops selling food and beverages. There are local shopping centres in the following locations:

  • Carlton Road, Hollingsworth Road, High Street, London Road (Pakefield), Oulton Road, Snape Drive, The Green, Village Rise and Westwood Avenue in Lowestoft
  • Ashburnham Way and Famona Road, Carlton Colville
  • High Street and Field Lane, Kessingland
  • Hillside Avenue, Worlingham
  • High Street, Wrentham

8.101 The Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment (2016) found that local shopping centres within the District are reasonably healthy and perform a valuable role in providing shops and services for their surrounding areas, most of which are located within walking distance. Policy WLP8.20 seeks to protect the retail and service role that local shopping centres provide.

8.102 It is acknowledged that some changes of use can take place without planning permission under the Permitted Development Order 2015 which allows some flexibility of uses within the area (dependent on size, final proposed land use and whether the site is located in a Conservation Area or not). The ability of the Council to control such proposals highlights the need to give particular scrutiny to proposals that continue to require the submission of a planning application. 

Policy WLP8.20 - Local Shopping Centres

Local Shopping Centres are identified on the Policies Map.

Within Local Shopping Centres limited retail, leisure and office development will be permitted where it is of an appropriate scale to provide essential services to the surrounding area.

Within Local Shopping Centres proposals for change of use of ground floor premises from use classes A1 (retail), A2 (financial and professional), A3 (restaurants and cafes), A4 (drinking establishments) and A5 (hot food takeaways) to non A class uses will not be permitted.

Proposals for change of use of ground floor A1 retail premises within Local Shopping Centres to uses A2, A3, A4 and A5 will only be permitted when there would be, either individually or cumulatively, no significant adverse impact on the character, appearance, retail function, viability and vitality of the centre, on highway safety or on the amenity of neighbouring areas.