Waveney Local Plan

Residential Gardens and Urban Infilling

8.174 New development in gardens or other plots of land (such as parking areas) in urban areas can provide valuable new homes in sustainable locations. However, it is common for such sites to be very sensitive to new development by virtue of their close proximity to nearby homes and relationship to existing development and therefore require careful planning. The National Planning Policy Framework allows Local Planning Authorities to set out policies to control new development on residential gardens where it may cause harm.

8.175 Consultation on the Local Plan has identified a number of negative issues in connection with this type of development. These included cramped development, poor amenity spaces, amenity issues, unsuitable access and poor relationships to existing buildings. Setting out parameters to help prevent harm arising from such common issues can enable new homes to be delivered where appropriate whilst safeguarding existing homes and the wider environment. 

Policy WLP8.31 - Residential Gardens and Urban Infilling

Housing development on garden and other urban infill sites will be supported where they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The scale, design and siting of the proposal is in keeping with the character and density of the surrounding development and would not generate a cramped form of development;
  • Attractive, useable and proportionately sized amenity spaces and adequate parking and turning spaces are provided for the proposed and existing dwellings;
  • The proposal, by way of design, siting and materials integrates into the surrounding built, natural, and where necessary historic environment;
  • The living conditions of proposed and existing properties are not unacceptably harmed through means such as overlooking, loss of light, or overbearing forms of development;
  • Safe access is provided which does not generate significant harm to the character or amenity of the area;
  • Safeguard protected trees.

Neighbourhood Plans are able to set their own policies on this type of development which respond to local circumstances.