Waveney Local Plan

Coalescence of Settlements

8.193 There are a number of locations throughout the District where important undeveloped areas of land exist between settlements. These gaps help protect the identity and character of separate settlements. Gaps between settlements help give the sense of leaving one place and arriving at another. Even where there is countryside between settlements, the presence of buildings, signs and other development along roads prevents the sense of leaving a settlement and passing through the countryside. At night, various forms of artificial lighting can also lead to a sense of continuous urbanisation. Examples of important gaps in the District include land between:

  • Barnby and North Cove (west of Mill Lane)
  • Worlingham and North Cove
  • Beccles and Worlingham (north of Lowestoft Road)
  • Corton and Hopton
  • Halesworth and Holton
  • Lowestoft and Barnby
  • Lowestoft and Blundeston
  • Lowestoft and Corton
  • Lowestoft and Kessingland

Figure 36 Coalescence of Settlements

246 Coalescence of Settlements

8.194 In order to retain the identity and character of settlements it is necessary to protect these gaps from development which could undermine their openness or lead to the coalescence of settlements. The Council will consider how proposals fit within the wider landscape and whether features such as the network of fields, trees and hedgerows are conserved, and therefore maintain the break between settlements. It will also seek to limit other urbanising impacts including increased lighting, traffic movements and ribbon development along road corridors. 

Policy WLP8.34 - Coalescence of Settlements

Development which contributes towards the coalescence of settlements through a reduction in openness and space between settlements or creation of urbanising effects between settlements will not be permitted.