Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation

Application Form

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

The designation of a Neighbourhood Area is the first formal stage in preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan. This form should only be completed once you have met and agreed with your District Council that for what you are proposing, a neighbourhood plan is the appropriate tool.

This application form may also be used if you are proposing Neighbourhood Development Order or Community Right to Build Order.


Data Protection Statement: The information you have supplied may be processed by computer or form the basis of manual records. East Suffolk District Council will use the data for purposes relevant to the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) and for no other purpose. Neighbourhood planning purposes will require data to be shared between the Council in its role as Local Planning Authority and the town/parish council as the relevant Qualifying Body. Please note: this form will be published online in its entirety.


How we will determine the application

We will:

  • Check that the application is valid and made by a relevant body
  • Consider whether the proposed neighbourhood area is appropriate
  • Check that the neighbourhood area does not overlap with any other neighbourhood area.

The decision will be made in accordance with the timetable set out below which is defined in regulation.

Single Parish area No consultation is required. The Council will determine the area within 3 weeks (5 weeks if the area also forms part of the Broads Authority area).
More than one Parish Minimum 6 week consultation required.
More than one Local Planning Authority (multi Parish) Within 20 weeks. Minimum 6 week consultation period required. Note a small number of parishes also fall within the Broads Authority.

To avoid any unnecessary delay, authority to designate a neighbourhood area is operated under delegated powers.

In the majority of cases, the area applied for will be granted without amendment. In a minority of cases, and with the consent of the Parish or Town Council or Neighbourhood Forum, the Council may make modifications to the Neighbourhood Area if considered appropriate/necessary. The Council will notify the applicant and publish its decision on the website. The decision notice will specify why the area originally applied for is considered unsuitable as well as defining and designating a revised area.



Name of Neighbourhood area

Please give the name by which your Neighbourhood Area will formally be known:

Map of Neighbourhood Area

Please upload a map of the proposed Neighbourhood Area. The extent of your Neighbourhood Area should be outlined in red on an Ordnance Survey plan. 

You can upload up to 10 files.

Name of Parish / Town Council / Neighbourhood Forum

Please give the name of the Parish / Town Council / Neighbourhood Forum that will be undertaking neighbourhood planning in the area:

Relevant body

Please confirm that you are the relevant body for the Neighbourhood Area you are applying for. If a joint application is being made please provide details of all relevant parish councils. Note – a Parish Meeting would not qualify as a relevant body. Only the relevant body can undertake neighbourhood planning (i.e. the Parish or Town Council or designated Neighbourhood Forum) in accordance with Section 61G of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act and Section 5C of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Intention of Neighbourhood Area

What type of plan are you going to prepare for your Neighbourhood Area? Please indicate in the box.



Applicant details

Please give the contact details of the person representing the relevant body (i.e. the Parish Council, Town Council or Neighbourhood Forum) undertaking neighbourhood planning.


Position (e.g. Clerk, Chairman)





Additional contact

Provide details of the key contact of the group (i.e. the steering or project group) undertaking production of the plan, if different to Applicant Details. The person named as the applicant will remain the principle contact for all correspondence.


Position (e.g. Clerk, Chairman)





Extent of the area

In most cases Neighbourhood Areas will follow parish or ward boundaries. However, they can be smaller or extend beyond boundaries to include other parishes or wards. A short statement should be made to explain why this area is considered appropriate to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area.

Additional joint Parish Council details

If the proposed Neighbourhood Area covers more than one parish, this must be a joint application with agreement from each of the affected Parish Councils. Please provide details of each Parish Clerk for parishes listed as Relevant Body. You will also need to provide a copy of the relevant town/parish council minute confirming agreement to undertaking a joint neighbourhood plan.




I/we hereby apply to designate an area as described in this form and shown on the accompanying map. In the case of joint parish applications, names from each parish are required.

Name and date

Name and Date

Name and Date