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We are preparing a new Local Plan for the District and this is your first opportunity to take part in its preparation.

 How many homes and jobs do we need 3 What new infrastructure is required 3 What are the key issues 3 How can we improve and regenerate our town centres 3Where should new development be located 3 How can we protect our natural and built environment 3

A Local Plan sets out the level of growth which needs to be planned in an area and identifies where that growth should be located and how it should be delivered. A Local Plan sets out planning policies which the Council will use to determine planning applications in its area.

This consultation aims to get your views on the levels of growth we need to plan for over the period to 2036, and where that growth should be located. The consultation asks a number of questions about other key planning issues such as the approach to affordable housing or design of new developments.

At the back of this consultation are a number of potential sites for development which could help meet growth requirements. We would welcome your views on whether any of these particular sites should be identified for development in the new Local Plan. Also, if you are aware of any other land that could be suitable and available for development, please let us know during the consultation period.