Waveney Local Plan: Help plan our future

Options for the new Waveney Local Plan

Potential land for development

The Local Plan will need to identify and allocate sufficient land for different types of development to accommodate the needs referred to in the 'How much growth?' section.

In autumn 2015 we issued a ‘Call for Sites’. Landowners, developers and others were invited to submit sites that they thought would be suitable for inclusion in the Local Plan.

We will also need to consider the suitability of sites allocated in the existing Local Plan which do not yet have the benefit of planning permission. We will continue to monitor progress on these sites.

The sites are also available to view on an interactive map available online at http://arcg.is/1VV8iqa. An interactive map which shows where existing housing and employment allocations and planning permissions is also available.

Please note, many of the sites presented in this consultation will not be needed to meet the development needs of the District.

We are publishing all of the sites submitted so that you are aware of all the possible options and have the opportunity to consider and comment on them.

Likewise it should also be noted that in some cases where a single landowner has submitted a number of sites, they don’t intend that all of their sites will be allocated in the Local Plan, they are just providing the Council and the community with a choice.

The Council, taking into account the views expressed as part of this consultation, will thoroughly assess all the sites and filter the sites down to a smaller number of sites which can meet the development needs of the District. 


We would welcome your views on whether you think any of the sites could be suitable for development and therefore included in the Local Plan.

Please let us know if there are any additional sites which you consider may be suitable for development by submitting a site online.

Potential development area south of Lowestoft

The map below shows a proposal for a significant area for potential development put forward by a number of landowners working together.

Potential development area south of Lowestoft 48

The boundaries of the area are indicative only at this stage. The proposal is for a new road linking the A12 to the A146 together with housing (in the region of 2,000 homes), associated community facilities, employment land and sports and leisure development.

Q102 Do you consider this an appropriate area for development?

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